July 12, 2015

Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Pattern 7

Lately I've been thinking about the difference between happiness and joy. It seems to me that happiness depends on your circumstances. If things are going well, then we are happy. On the other hand, joy is a deep-seated contentment and gratitude even when outward things aren't lining up too brilliantly!

That's what Block 7 in our 
free Keys to Contentment pattern
is all about. It's the next step from last month's block which was about being thankful in all our circumstances.

Joy is God' gift to those who love Him.

I hope real joy will fill your heart as you stitch this block.

You can download the pattern here in my Craftsy store. All the block patterns will remain free until the end of the year.

I was reminded during the week that I hadn't given you a photo of the completed quilt. That's because it hasn't been finished for long!!! So here it is:

It is very simple - just framed blocks with borders of squares but it looks very sweet on my sewing machine wall.

   I've been either out or had visitors nearly every day this week so virtually no stitching done! However I did manage to put together last year's block of the month pattern and it is now in my store:

So if you missed out on Shining Like the Dawn last year, it is available here.

Happy stitching!


KaHolly said...

This block is just as sweet as the others. Thanks so much!

sunny said...

It's so pretty! I can't wait to get mine finished. Actually, I can wait. I'm not quite finished with last month, and you're early! whine. Just kidding - I'll get to it in a couple of days. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

Little Penpen said...

This is SO pretty! Do you have a place where others have posted their works in progress? I'm trying to decide on a different color combination, but I would love to start this little quilt. Gorgeous!

Createology said...

This is a wonderful block to remind us to find the JOY in each and every day. High on Life July...

Anonymous said...

I love this block, and I think you are SO right. Thank you for a great block, and a great series with these thoughts.

Sisbabestitches said...

It's a lovely block Val :) And thanks for sharing your finished quilt too :)