Stitching for a bride-to-be

In just a few weeks, the first of our 15 grandchildren will be married! Needless to say, it is all very exciting, and especially so as that grandchild will be the bride!

Yesterday was Chrissie's Bridal Shower and I wanted to make something special for her that she would treasure and that would also be practical and useful. 

It was made with lots of love!

A sewing folder! 

While Chrissie is not a stitcher, every bride needs to have on hand lots of bits and pieces for mending and the last-minute fix-ups - needle and thread, buttons and pins:

 I had so much fun making this project and thinking of all the sewing essentials I could put in it. 

I was so happy that grand-daughter loved it ... and I knew she wasn't going to get another gift the same as this one!  

The folder was based on my Vintage Dream sewing folder with a bit of variation to fit everything inside:

If you think it's a good gift idea for a new bride, then you can find the pattern here.

I couldn't let it go with just one gift, so I also made her a pretty apron:

and used a Spoonful of Sugar's design to make an oven mitt:

Now I need to turn my mind to what I am going to wear to the wedding!



  1. What a wonderful idea for a new bride, Val. Your GD's sewing folder is lovely.

  2. That sewing kit is such a beautiful gift for your grand-daughter Val...something she will treasure! And that's a very cute apron too :-)Finding the special outfit to wear to the wedding will be fun too!

  3. Your GD is a lucky girl! Such sweet and thoughtful gifts, not to mention, clever!

  4. How exciting for you, Val! I love the gifts you made. There are a lot of changes in your family this year aren't there ;-)

  5. Such lovely gifts for the bride and how exciting that she is your granddaughter!

  6. What a unique and thoughtful gift! I'm sure she'll appreciate it when she has to sew on a button or something. Do you have a picture of the completed BOM? I'd like to start assembling mine. :-)

  7. A great idea for a new bride or even a young woman who is stepping out on her own.I am going to keep that idea in mind.

  8. Wonderful gifts . I am sure Chrissie will enjoy using them and think of you each time.

  9. Great gifts, practical and pretty too.

  10. How very sweet that you gifted your Granddaughter with something you handmade with your HeArt and Hands with all the love stitched in. Congratulations. My Granddaughter was just married on June 13th. Blessings...

  11. How wonderful creating the perfect original and unique gift for your grand daughter. Love the fabrics you used and the apron is rather cute. Hope you find something to wear to the wedding. My eldest daughter is getting married in November and I need to find something to wear for her outdoor wedding. Have a wonderful time.


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