August 9, 2015

Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Pattern 8

I have a great saying for you today - "Don't worry about anything!" 
That's one of the hardest things I find to do. 

The rest of the verse goes on to tell us why we can stop worrying, because we are able to "Pray about everything". How wonderful is that?!

So this is Block 8 in our 

I hope you will let this Key to Contentment into your life as you stitch this block.

A little silver key again to remind us about this secret to a contented life:

You can download the pattern here in my Craftsy store. All the patterns are available free until the end of the year.

My husband and I are back from a lovely holiday with our family. Their new location is a beautiful place and we had a wonderful time bushwalking, bird-watching, catching up with old friends and being together with our loved ones.

Our daughter was very kind to me and only had a couple of small mending jobs for me to do. Instead she asked me to embroider some hand towels for her, which was so much more enjoyable!:

I've been told I should give you a tutorial on how to do these, so expect one soon!

Some time ago I made the Butterfly Kisses cushion. It was a project to feature buttons, so this is what I came up with:

The pattern is in Handmade magazine, Vol 33 No 11.

I haven't touched my sewing machine for three weeks and I have itchy fingers - itching to be stitching!  So I'm going to say goodbye and open up that machine!



Ondrea said...

THankyou so much for the BOM again. I was up to date but I am now lagging behind because I ran out of the thread I was using and had to order it. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday . That butterfly is rather sweet. I am never itching to get on my sewing machine but I do itch for hand stitching and piecing. Although, I was on my sewing machine briefly this afternoon. Thanks for all your lovely pics.

Nanna Chel said...

So pleased you didn't have a big pile of mending to do, Val ;-) What a lovely place your family has moved to. I look forward to your tutorial.

sunny said...

What a beautiful vacation area!! I'm all caught up and ready to stitch the new BOM block. Might get it traced later today. Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. That IS a key to contentment, prayer, and one I know I sometimes forget to use. This month is a great reminder, and maybe should be a project all by itself to hang somewhere I'll see it every day! What a lovely picture, looking out over the water. I'm glad you had that renewal time. The embroidery is wonderful, so I look forward to seeing your post about it. I LOVE the buttons on the butterfly. What a lovely, beautiful pillow.

Jude said...

Love the butterfly cushion and the embroidery on the guest towel is very pretty