Quippy Quotes

There are thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of quippy quotes 'out there'. A quick search of the internet will reveal that there are quotes on just about any subject matter you can think of!

I thought this one about Time was a great one to turn into a cushion:

It's true, isn't it, that family and friends value your time so much more than an expensive gift. It's not the presents we remember from our childhood but the time our parents spent with us!

My mum spent hours teaching me embroidery, crochet and knitting. I have happy memories of sitting in the winter sun doing these things together.

The Spending Time cushion is in Country Threads magazine, Volume 16 No 8.

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page later this week as I plan to put the words of this quote into a poster to share.

Last week I worked on a project for a workshop I have been asked to teach, put together nine blocks of a wall quilt I am making, cleaned up the veggie patch and spent an inordinate amount of time online searching for a couple of items I need. Ebay can be as time consuming as Pinterest!



  1. Oh Val... I love this one. It's gorgeous!
    Congrats on another published project too. xox

  2. Your cushion is stunning Val.

  3. Love the cushion, love the quote! Time is a valuable thing to use for making memories. =)

  4. Fantastic quote and lovely project.


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