Playing Leap Frog

 In line with one of my recent projects, I feel as if I've been playing Leap Frog over the last couple of weeks! I'll show you the project first before my tale of woe!

My clever grandson was showing me how he draws frogs, and I thought this one was so cute it deserved to be made into a wall-hanging:

The Leap Frog pattern is in Patchwork & Stitching Vol 16 No 12.

The computer problems that I talked about in this post went from bad to worse! There were many more problems for me to leap over! My computer eventually was delivered back, supposedly fixed, after a week in the workshop. After many hours of trying to reinstall all my files, programmes, drivers, fonts, printers etc I was having lots of problems. Eventually I worked out that two of the ports on the computer were no longer working, so it was back to the workshop. Yes, they had forgotten to install the correct drivers so that was another day without my computer while that was rectified.

A dear couple who knew of my woes, brought me these gorgeous irises to cheer me up:

But there were more troubles to leap over - the computer was still not working properly. It was so slow that it was absolutely painful. 

Then God sent me an angel. It was our grand-daughter's wedding last Saturday and so we had some of our lovely family with us, including our clever, patient IT expert son who lives 1700 kms away. God had it all worked out for me as our son and his wife had booked airfares to come a couple of days early to spend time with us before the wedding. He set to and patiently spent 10 hours correcting yet another major workshop error, sorting out all my problems and fixing the computer back to what it should be. (Reminder to self: Take computer to different workshop next time.) I am so happy to have it all working again!

We were almost doing some literal leap-frogging during all these traumas, as we had our driveway resurfaced. What was supposed to be a two day job dragged out to seven days because of rain so there was plenty of mud to jump over for a while!

Now on a happy note - the wedding of course was just beautiful:

It was the first of our 15 grand-children to be married, so very special:

It's been quite a round of celebrations for us lately, on top of the wedding we have attended a couple of birthday parties, have another invitation to attend tomorrow and we've had quite a few visitors. I am looking forward to some sort of normality again so I can start on projects that I have promised to editors!

Happy stitching!


grammajudyb said...

So glad your son was able to help. My IT competent son lives far away too, but he is always willing to help when able. He is a blessing indeed. The wedding was lovely, what a beautiful bride your granddaughter is. Life is indeed a journey!

LJ said...

What a beautiful bride. I love her dress. How refreshing to see a gorgeous dress that's not strapless.

Ondrea said...

Your grand daughter is a beautiful woman! Love her dress. Cute froggy. Funny, I was just thinking how I could trace some of the drawings my children did when they were very young. Glad your computer probs are all sorted out. Those irises are my favourite flowers. I have my daughter's wedding coming up in NOvember. So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that computer tale was really awful! Thank goodness your son came early and was able to help! Ten hours. He must love his mom! What a beautiful dress and a beautiful woman. I'm so glad everything wasn't a tale of woe for such a long time. =)