On being an apron-wearer

I'm an old-fashioned apron-wearer! I have lots of aprons and I wear one just about every day when I am preparing meals. I'm a messy cook and so it's better for me to get a mess on my apron rather than my clothes! My very favourite apron is one in a pinafore style, which our daughter gave me many years ago. Unfortunately, it has reached its use-by-date. It is sitting in my sewing room waiting for me to cut out a pattern from it so I can make another one. It is such a great design because it covers the whole front of me but doesn't have a neck strap as I find them really uncomfortable.  I'm just waiting for a clean slate so that I can get to make a replica. I always think there is something very homely about wearing an apron. 

I've been thinking about Christmas and I definitely need an apron when I am doing Christmas baking! This is my "All the Trimmings" Apron. My favourite bit is the tree on the pocket made from Suffolk Puffs:

The Pattern is in Handmade Magazine Vol 34 No 2:

 I've gone back to red and green this year for all my Christmas designs. There is something just so right about that colour combination, isn't there, and it lends itself to choices other than the traditional shades. 

With Christmas approaching, I thought it was about time I put some of my newer designs in my Craftsy Store. The Ham bag pattern is now available. It's a great way to keep the Christmas ham fresh:

Here's some more red and green, but this is totally NOT Christmas! This is my "Hanging by a Thread" needle packet case which I showed you a few months ago when it was first published:

I've finally got round to making the pattern available here.

It makes so much sense to me to keep needles separated in their groups rather than trying to work out which is what when they are all stuck together in a needle-case. I guess that is because I treat needles like the specialised tools they are and I find using them for the purpose for which they are designed makes stitching so much easier.

 Now that my computer is all happy again, I've had a chance to begin catching up on some of my stitching. I have four or five projects on the go (What's new!) all at different stages of development. I'm a finisher, so I'm always focusing on the end product while I enjoy the journey.

Now I had better go and pop on the apron and make my husband some lunch!

Happy stitching!


Createology said...

I always love traditional red and green for Christmas. Your aprons are truly homemakers Creative Bliss.

Jenny said...

I'm an apron wearer too - for the same reason. I'm such a messy cook!

Ondrea said...

You have indeed been very productive. I hardly ever wear an apron which is rather naughty of me really as I usually get food on myself. When washing was such a chore it made sense to wear aprons so I guess with having automatic washing machines and materials easy to wash and wear , aprons are not such a necessity. LOve your needle case.

Christine M said...

I always wear an apron too, Val. I make mine out of tea towels. I can then dry my hands on it. Your new apron for Christmas is lovely.

Anonymous said...

That is an adorable Christmas apron. I hope you have time soon to make a new full apron like the one you liked so much from your daughter. I'll look forward to seeing it. I OUGHT to wear aprons, even when I'm just eating! LOL

Connie said...

I'm an apron wearer, too. In fact I think I cook and clean better when wearing an apron. Just tying it on boosts my enthusiasm and gets my Susie Homemaker Mo-Jo going :) Love you blog.
Connie :)