Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Pattern 3

Here we are with yet another month gone by!  Today is the day for you to download Pattern 3 of the free quilt
You Are Blessed

This month's verse is
You are blessed when you’re kind and merciful for you will be shown mercy. Matthew 5:5

That's really another way of saying “You reap what you sow”. You are blessed when you care, because that’s when you will find yourself cared for.

I love the colour variations in the Anchor 1344 multi-colour thread.

I hope you enjoy stitching this block. You can download Pattern 3 in my Craftsy Store here.

My tail of woe continues with my Bernina sewing machine! My worst fears have come to pass! The part that has taken so long to come, finally arrived ... and yes, you guessed it, it didn't fix the problem!!!  So now we are waiting for yet another part to come.  At least the technician seems to think this part will fix everything because he had another machine in the same as mine and he was able to swap parts around and work out what is needed .... I hope! My husband keeps telling me I really have to find somewhere else to have my machine serviced, but that's not so easy when you live up country. Meanwhile it's good for teaching me patience!

Easter is just around the corner and my Easter Eggsploits basket has been published in Handmade magazine Vol 34 No 8.  Cute chicks:

More butterflies:

I'm on a bit of an aqua and red roll, aren't I?

The pattern is for sale in my Craftsy Store for those of you who don't have access to our fabulous Australian magazines.

Life just seems to be drifting along at the moment and again I have very little to show for my week. I finished a cute stitchery and it's now in its frame and I've started another project but it's very hard to be focussed when your tools of trade aren't around! It's not good for the bank balance either - I am spending way too much time browsing the internet and pressing the "Add to Cart" button!

Happy stitching!


gracie said...

Wonderful design...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for offering that pattern in your Craftsy, and thank you so much for block 3. I just love that! The basket is very cute, too. I'm so sorry to hear about your Bernina troubles! It took so long to get this part. Too bad there's not a "parts" Bernina lying around that could be cannibalized!

Jackie said...

Thank you for the block! Cute....