Making everything shipshape - bargains included

My tail of woe with my sewing machine continues - no part yet, which means no Bernina! I decided it was a good time to get everything "shipshape" in my store. The Australian Dollar has been going down, down, down for some time which means the price of my patterns in my Craftsy store in US Dollars has been going up, up, up if you're an Aussie.

With that in mind, I went through all my patterns and reduced heaps of them by 30% to 50%. That should make it more equitable for my friends 'down under' and if you live elsewhere, you can grab yourself a bargain!

I also took the opportunity of uploading another new pattern, "Leap Frog" - isn't she a cutie?

You can find the design here.

Talking about making things 'shipshape', I had in mind to show you my latest children's game:

It's a memory game for toddlers, teaching them about different shapes and pairs in a fun way. I decided to call it "Shipshape".

I think I'll ever be a child at heart - just love making children's projects!

The pattern is in Handmade Vol 34 No 8. If you decide to make it, unfortunately the magazine left out a number of the shapes and also the whole of the box pattern, so email me and I will send you the missing templates.

I decided to get my sewing room shipshape also. I was able to rearrange some of the furniture so that I could fit another set of drawers in the room. All those bits and pieces, cottons, light box, folders, that had to be moved every time I wanted something (and of course what I was trying to find was always at the bottom of the pile!) are now sitting happily in a drawer.  Wonderful!

It's been lovely having two of our grandsons stay with us this weekend. It's a joy to see them growing up into delightful young men. Family is so special!!!

Keep an eye out next week for another block in the free You are Blessed BOM quilt. I should have plenty of time to prepare it for you while the Bernina is absent!

Happy stitching!


Nanna Chel said...

Nothing like a good sort out of craft items, Val. It must have been so nice to have your grandsons visit. Have a great week and I hope you get your sewing machine back soon.

Createology said...

I do hope you get your beloved Bernina back in "ship-shape" order very soon. Fun new game you have created and it would be good for seniors also. Embracing Creative Bliss...

Melody said...

Love your designs, you are so clever.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that part is taking forever! I hope it comes this week and you are back in business. That looks like a great game to play. I'm so happy you were able to get more drawers in and get things organized a little more for yourself! I should try that. ;)