A Time to Plant

With the demise of four magazines that used to publish my craft work, it was time to look around to see what other publications might be interested in my projects. I didn't have far to look because right in my own State, "Down Under Quilts" is produced! I liked what I saw in their magazines, so decided to offer my "Time to Plant" quilt to them.

I was of course delighted that they wanted to publish it!

It's a display of seed packets, so with our Spring just a week away, it's a great time to think about what to plant!

I tried Tete-de-boeuf stitch for the eggplant.

I love the Campanula above, as it's three dimensional with the top flap of the bell a separate piece.

The quilt has lots of texture with Perle thread embroidery.

Palestrina Knot stitch has become my "GoTo" stitch for felt work.

The pumpkin is one of my favourites:

Have I told you how much I enjoy working with felt?????

Turnip isn't my favourite vegetable, but I love how this one looks with its rows of Palestrina:

The pattern is in Issue 180 of Down Under Quilts. 

I sent off two quilts to a different publisher this week and had to spend DAYS on all the instructions and patterns to get them ready. It sure didn't feel like a very productive week with so little stitching done! I have another commissioned quilt to make but it has a long deadline, so I put off starting that as I really felt the need to make some QUICK projects. 

I use pot stands (hot pads/trivets or whatever you like to call them) constantly when I'm cooking. I did have two very pretty melamine ones, but they were chipped, scratched and with bits broken off, so it was really time to send them off to the bin where they belonged. I had a light-bulb moment and remembered those bits and pieces of orphan blocks I had stashed away. 

It was very quick and simple to cut two layers of batting, sandwich a piece of Insulbright in between, then place the block and backing on the outside. 

 A quick quilting line or two, add some binding, and I now have half a dozen lovely pot stands ... and the great pleasure of using up some bits and pieces, and achieving a LOT in a very short time.

I've also made some very attractive ones to put on my Craft Stall at the Retreat at which I will be teaching, but there are more than enough photos in this post, so they can wait till next time!


Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Block 8

For some people, "discipline" is a dirty word. In these days of "I can do what I like, when I like, and how I like", personal discipline has largely disappeared from our society.

But not so for those who love God. He has asked us to "Clothe ourselves with discipline", because He knows that this is the life that will satisfy us best, make us most productive, and make us a blessing to others. 

As you can see, "Discipline" is the theme for this month's block of the month free pattern,

So, chosen bv God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you.  Clothe yourself with discipline." 
Col 3:12-14

You can find the free pattern here in my Craftsy Store.

I seem to have spent the whole week writing up patterns. I have three quilts nearing the stage where they are ready to send off for publication. While in themselves the quilts are not complex, they have lots of different parts, and so there are pages and pages of details that I have to think about and try to write up in a way that can be easily understood. By the end of the week, I needed a break from them so that I can come back refreshed in a couple of days and pick up anything that is unclear, inaccurate or missed altogether!

My break has come in the form of starting on two cushion covers. I was given some beautiful Japanese fabric which has motifs designed to be used individually, not in yardage. They cried out to be made into cushions for our Family Room. One of our daughters has been in Japan for more than 30 years, so we have some of their amazing dolls scattered throughout our home, so these cushions will fit in perfectly. 

I've started the process and have prepared the appliques. They are going to look great on our grey lounge suite. With just the backing and binding to do, I am hopeful they will soon be on show!

Have a happy week!