March 18, 2018

Beyond the Garden Gate

Today I wandered around a friend's sweet garden. It was the first time I had seen her little piece of paradise and it was a delight to behold. My favourite part was a big old tree with low limbs. Hanging from it and underneath it were so many beautiful treasures - ferns, orchids and other magnificent flowering plants. It was totally uplifting to spend time amongst such beauty.

Some of that sort of enchantment was what I was trying to capture in my Beyond the Garden Gate quilt.  

The quilt features in the March 2018 issue of Homespun Magazine.

I made the quilt using one of my favourite Quilt-as-you-go methods.

Thee are plenty of my favourite applique elements in it.

The fabric range I used is the delightful Welcome Home Collection One by Jennifer Bosworth.

The beautiful fabrics were totally inspiring. 

Lots of butterflies flit around in my garden.

 ... and here is the garden gate:

with pretty pots nearby.

It has the most beautiful floral fabric in the border.

Seeing that beautiful garden today made me hanker back to the days when I too had a pretty place to enjoy. My garden even won a couple of prizes - a long time ago. But we live in the humid sub-tropics so gardening is hot, hard work, and age has crept up, so I am content to have an easy-care garden and a few ferns. I guess it has been a deliberate choice to put my time and effort into quilting rather than gardening. Maybe I worked out today why there are so many garden elements in heaps of my projects!

Happy stitching!


Nanna Chel said...

The quilt garden is much easier to look after than an outside one in the dreadful heat, Val. Very pretty.

Little Penpen said...

Your quilt is a beautiful tribute to your former garden. Your friend's garden sounds beautiful. I'm not familiar with that magazine, but will look at the bookstore soon, to see if we have it.

Sharmayne said...

Oh congrats on having your quilt in the homespun magazine - I might go and get it this month! I think gardening tends to stay in your blood and comes out in lots of other things we do!

Rosemary said...

I love your quilt gardem. I also love Homespun Magazine!! Unfortunately, to get it delivered to the U.S. is rather expensive but if I do see it somewhere, I grab it. Congratulations on a gorgeous design.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Quilt. Thank you for sharing it.
Carol O

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely row quilt. I particularly like that blue bird. I like gardens that grow on their own, with no help nor hindrance from me. =)

co coya said...

I've always thought that where you live sounded lovely, and this makes it even more so. I do like your wonderful quilt!