April 8, 2018

Amazing Australia

My husband and I are so privileged to live in Australia. It is one amazing country! The little part of the big country in which we live, called Sandstone Point, is like a piece of paradise. On the weekend, one of our lovely friends invited a dozen or so people from our neighbourhood to morning tea. It was such a special time of being together rejoicing in the beautiful place in which we find ourselves and just enjoying each other's company. Having lovely neighbours plays a big part in our love of our area.

Another big part is the wildlife. It is not at all uncommon for us to see kangaroos in the bush, rakali in the pond and 40 or 50 different species of birds on our morning walk. My latest quilt. On the Edge of Town, celebrates life in our village. Close by we have many of the conveniences of a large town  - doctor and dentist, supermarket and bakery, pharmacy and newsagency, but right next door there is the wildlife that we love to see.

The fabric I used for this quilt is Leutenegger Sketch Book range. It has telegraph poles, cute possums on the wire, and birds and gum blossoms scattered throughout. It is quintessentially Australian!

The fabric conjures up pictures of a little country locality, with the bush on the edge of town, kangaroos hopping down the street and a kookaburra in the old gum tree  - in other words it's where we live!

 Koalas are around, but they're not easy to spot so we don't see them very often.

On the Edge of Town was featured in Australian Patchwork & Quilting, Vol 27 No 12.

For those who don't have access to our Australian magazines, the pattern is in my Craftsy Store here.

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating Jesus our Risen Saviour. Our Church services were fabulous and it's always uplifting to have the church full with hardly a spare seat. We missed having family around this year, but unexpectedly ended up with two lots visiting later in the week, so my happy face is back on!

I'm slowly working on a couple of projects (can't seem to confine myself ever to just one!). It's nice not to have too many deadlines at the moment as there have been heaps of interruptions to life lately, so it's one step at a time!

Happy stitching!


MartinaM said...

This is a very nice work, i love all the different Pictures from the animals.

Little Penpen said...

Australia must be wonderful! I can't imagine seeing a kangaroo in the wild. The only ones we see are locked inside a zoo. You have very unique animals there. That's a pretty quilt to celebrate your home.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that where you live sounded lovely, and this makes it even more so. I do like your wonderful quilt!