July 8, 2018

The Tea Party Wall Quilt

I am excited to show you The Tea Party quilt. Are you like me and find that your 'favourite' quilt is the one you have just finished?

 Well, The Tea Party is definitely my favourite at the moment!

If you haven't guessed, this quilt features the wonderful Tilda Sunkiss range of fabric. I haven't used all the fabrics in the range, (the Ginger just didn't fit what I wanted to convey), but I am in love with the gorgeous colours that I chose.


Aren't those macarons just delectable! 
(Confession here: I don't actually like eating macarons but I LOVE how they look!)

and I love working the herringbone stitch to make the ruffled feet. 

These flowers are fussy cut from the fabric

There's some more fussy cutting for the jug so that the red motif showed up neatly, and more herringbone stitch for the handle.

Doesn't the quilting change the appearance of the Sawtooth Star block? Charmaine Ludlow is my fabulous quilter and she lives within walking distance!

You must have pretty cups and saucers if you are having a Tea Party!


and cakes ... 

decorated with flowers and chains of scallops ... 

 displayed on pretty cake stands!

The Tea Party is featured in Down Under Quilts Issue 184 (see it on the top left of the cover?).

The pattern will be spread over three issues of the magazine (which will be six months) as there's a lot of detail in the instructions. It's a great quilt to take your time and savor all the pleasure of putting it together.

Hmm, I'm feeling a bit hungry after drooling over all the delights of this quilt. Better see if there's anything like that in my pantry!



Sharmayne said...

Oh Vaal it looks divine! I still have the "wardrobe " quilt to finish off from last year (put on hold with all the house selling business)....... but I think I'm going to have to look out for these magazines!

Pami W said...

This is just beautiful Val I love it... I have put it on my To do list when I get home to Aust... 💛💛

Anonymous said...

Love your decorated cake. Thanks for sharing.
Carol O

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Oh Val, what a delicious quilt. Thanks for showing all the closeups of that fabulous stitching!

L'atelier de Rosa said...

Que cosas mas bonitas hace. la sigo desde ya, la invito a que visite mi blog y si le gusta me siga, un beso.