October 7, 2018

Petals and Points

I have no pretensions that I am a great 'patchworker'; I find it difficult to have my points just right, which is not so easy to live with when you are a perfectionist! So it's always a challenge when  I make a project that doesn't have embroidery on it, and basically it is just all about the patchwork. I was so pleased with these cushions that I actually called them "Petals and Points" - well I did include a little bit of appliqué!
This Cushion Pair was published last year. The red fabric used in this design was given to me by a friend some time ago and it sat in the cupboard waiting for just the right project. I wanted to draw attention to the richness and elegance of the fabric so added the black and cream elements. The additional hint of green softens the whole effect.

I have finally put the pattern in my Craftsy Store and it's a bargain, because you receive two patterns for the price of one. 
You can find the patterns here.

I have had fun making some new Pinterest Pins of my designs. Here's one for this project.  What do you think?

With the demise of all but one of the eight magazines that used to publish my designs (and the one that is left has sacked its staff and has reduced its publication to just six a year), I thought I would have lots of time on my hands.

It hasn't quite worked out like that, as I have taken on the role of Secretary of our Church! It's not a huge job, but has filled a fair part of any gaps that were in my life!

However, I try not to work in the evenings, and so there are a few leisurely hours for hand-stitching and it's amazing how much one can accomplish in front of the TV!

Pincushions and scissor-keeps are easily accomplished in an evening or two so there are now a few additions to the Craft Stall I will have at the Creative Craft Retreat in a couple of weeks.

Do you like the cast-on stitch I did around the outside of the butterfly? My favourite Palestrina Knot stitch is worked around the inner wings.


I am so much more relaxed away from those Patchwork Points!

Happy stitching!


KaHolly said...

Your pillows are gorgeous, Val! And your embroidery, exquisite!

Little Penpen said...

Your patchwork points are beautiful! And I love the little cushions with the crochet trim. That's my goal... to learn how to do that trim. Congrats! on your new "job".... but it mustn't interfere with stitching. lol

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Val, these are beautiful pincushions!