November 11, 2018

When life gets in the way

You know what it's like when 'Life gets in the way', well that has been happening around here. Every time I think I will write a blog post, something seems to get in the way. Last week it was when Windows 10 decided to upgrade hubby's computer and promptly removed EVERYTHING except his data - not a programme left, no emails, NOTHING! 

After three hours with Microsoft Technical Support, two technicians remotely accessing our computer couldn't do anything about it and their answer was for me to take the computer to the nearest Microsoft Store. They kindly arranged a one-on-one appointment for the technician in the store to look at it the next day. Only problem was the store was 1000 kilometres away from where I live!!! It would cost more in airfares for me to get there than to buy a new computer!

There was nothing for it but for me to reinstall all the lost gear. Eight hours later, with prayer and a bit of patience, I had it all back together, email set up, bookmarks imported, and programmes working ... but I didn't get a blog post written!

Since last I wrote, I have taught at the Creative Craft Retreat. It was organised a bit differently this year and instead of teaching one large project over the whole weekend, I taught three small two-hour workshops. The ladies did well with their Christmas Bell. You can find the free pattern for it on my Free Pattern page.

Another class was the Christmas Door Hanger, which is a variation of another of my free patterns. (See the original on the free pattern page).

 Then we had fun making a Christmas Pudding Bauble. This pattern is available for purchase in my Craftsy Store. It is a real bargain at only $US2 and so easy to make.

 My tomato plants bore profusely this year. The egg tomato plants were store-bought but the cherry tomatoes were all self sown. We used hundreds and gave away heaps.

Some heavy rain knocked off quite a few green tomatoes, so of course they turned into Green Tomato Relish. I had a recipe which I tweaked with my own guesstimate of spices and it turned out with just the perfect balance of sweet, sour, salt and spice.

I even made some tomato jam as I still had so many to use up!

Hubby and I are going on a train journey soon. It's a 24 hour journey of 1600 kilometres to Cairns and we're travelling with 10 friends from our Church. There are lots of great excursions planned while we're there. We return a week later and Hubby and I are breaking our journey half way home to spend time with our daughter and her family. During the daytime part of our trips I am teaching two ladies how to do Silk Ribbon embroidery. This is the design I have planned for them.

It's going to be a fun way to spend our travelling time. I hadn't done any silk ribbon embroidery for a while and I had forgotten just how much I enjoy it and how quickly it comes together. Definitely have some plans for some more!

Happy stitching!


Little Penpen said...

I've always wanted to try silk ribbon embroidery; it's so pretty. Your ornaments are adorable, I know the ladies had fun. Have fun on your trip! (sorry about your computer issues; I finally ordered a new one last week...mine was old and beyond repair)

Jenny Edlin said...

Love your ornaments. I live in Cairns so hope you enjoy your journry. We did the train trip up and back to The Craft Fair in October. Hope you have a sleeper pod as it is much more comfortable and the meals are great. Have always wanted to learn silk ribbon embroidery. I love all your stitchery projects. Just need more hours in the day to do all these things. Enjoy your stay in Cairns

Nanna Chel said...

Val, I used to do ribbon embroidery back in the day. I still have Windows 7 on our old computer as I did upgrade to Windows 10 last year or so and quickly reverted to Windows 7 again. I guess there won't be any updates for the old version soon and I will just have to buy a new computer.

Tammy said...

Be safe and enjoy your train trip. It sounds amazing. I am sure the ladies and you will really enjoy the ribbon embroidery class.
Computer troubles are never easy fixes that's for sure.

Susan said...

IT - can't live without these days, but sometimes we wish we could.
happy train travelling - what a great way to use the time.