July 14, 2019

Combining two loves - applique and silk ribbon embroidery

I have a new pattern to show you today: 
Floribunda Cottage Needlebook

It is worked with a combination of luxurious felt, silk ribbons and silk threads - beautifully hand-dyed by Kacoonda. It also combines two of my great loves - applique and silk ribbon embroidery. 

The cottage is fabric appliqued onto the felt and edged with blanket stitch. Don't you love the colour of the climbing rose flowers below? It is such a delicate combination of pink and lemon. I love how French Knot Roses always look so pretty:

The garden section is also appliqued, but instead of blanket stitching around the edge, I have worked flowers and leaves over the edge of the applique as you can see in the photo below. The flowers are worked in Tailor's buttonhole stitch which gives a lovely knotted edge. You can read an article I wrote about this stitch here. It is worth adding to your repertoire as it gives such a lovely edge to the stitching.

Silk Ribbon lends itself so easily to working lovely roses:

The inside of the needlebook has pockets for needle packets, so you are not left wondering what size and type of needle you have in your hand.

I couldn't help myself and worked little rosebuds on the lace:

The daisies are worked in a silk thread. Silk is such a delight to use; it's, well, so smooth and silky!:

Delphiniums by the front door:

and some ground cover to fill in the gaps:
with some frilly lavender flowers by the cottage:

I think it is almost too lovely to use, but it was a delight to make and a pleasure to look at. You can make your own as I have the pattern available for purchase here.

Enjoy your week.


KaHolly said...

Val, this is absolutely gorgeous! Look at all that beautiful work you’ve done. Clearly a labor of love!

Frog Quilter said...


Little Penpen said...

So beautiful and feminine! I want to learn ribbon embroidery.

Petal49 said...

It's so beautiful but a little beyond my present skills with ribbon embroidery. It inspires me to learn though.