August 25, 2019

A Time to Plant

That's what I did yesterday afternoon - planted some seeds. It was one of Queensland's magnificent end-of-winter days with a quite pleasant, sunny, warm day. To me, that says 'Spring'!  

One of our daughters gave me a number of packets of vegetable seeds for Mothers' Day. Amongst them are some different types of beans, zucchini and pumpkin that I have never grown before. They are not the normal ones that you buy in a supermarket, so I am excited to see how they turn out.

I love growing my own vegetables and have been doing it for many years whenever it's been possible. It gives me great delight to go and pick something for a meal, knowing that five minutes earlier it was still growing in the garden - can't get much fresher than that ... and I know exactly what has NOT been sprayed on them!

Some time ago, I designed a wall-hanging which I called "A Time to Plant". It combines quite a few of my craft loves - embroidery, felt, and applique ... and of course fits in with my love of gardening.

I have decided to now offer this pattern for sale in my store. You can find it here in my Wall Quilts and Hangings Section.

I chose to use some different stitches for this project. Felt lends itself to showing off embroidery, and Perle thread is the perfect match for working the stitches. 

I used Cast-on loops around the Irises:

Palestrina Knot highlights the Campanula flower, and I even made this one three-dimensional with the top petal floating above the lower one.

Palestrina is definitely one of my all-time favourite stitches so I also used it around and inside the turnip - here's a close-up:

The Capsicum is worked in Pekinese Stitch. I hadn't even heard of this one until a couple of years ago:

Bullion loops feature around the Potentilla:

Fly stitch gets a work-out around the pumpkin and I did Coral stitch around the leaves:

... and the lilies are also in Fly Stitch.

Tete de Boeuf stitch is a fun combination of fly stitch and lazy daisy stitch:

I hope you like this design. You can read details of the size etc in my store.

I'm happily typing this on my new computer which I've had for 5 days and it's working like a dream. I can't say the same about the broken blind!!! I have had the run-around from a local company which previously used to give good service. The guy came as planned to see what needed to be done, and that was the last I heard of it. I phoned a week later, thinking that maybe they had to get a part in - was told they would ring me back - but I never heard from them again. Waited another week and yes, they had forgotten all about me, with some pathetic excuse and very little apology. 'It's a part they have in stock, but the guy doesn't have one in his van today, so we will make an appointment for 3 pm Friday.' Good! 3 pm Friday turned up and no show. I waited till 4 pm to give him a chance to be late, then rang again, only to find that the shop was shut!!! I am still debating whether I forget this company entirely and try someone else. Problem is a new company may be busy and I may have to wait another couple of weeks! I'm thinking a firm phone call first thing Monday morning might be the way to go.

I'm not finding it so easy this week to be thankful!!!

Happy stitching,


Connie said...

I've always wanted to try working with felt. It has such a charming look about it and your pattern is delightful.

Little Penpen said...

Happy for you and your new computer! I love the seed packages... these are adorable!

susan said...

I'll bet you quickly figured out something to be thankful for - like it was the blind and not the computer that wasn't working. =) I really like this pattern, thank you, and I don't remember it, which probably means my mind is going faster than I thought. =) I'm so glad you are having good garden days. Here it's the end of summer, and fall weather is supposed to be delayed until October! I'm waiting for my once-yearly daisy bloom. With the rains lately, I'm hoping they are prolific!