September 9, 2019

A Child's bag with a difference

Something different to show you this week - a children's activity bag.

We had four children in our family and keeping them settled and happy on long car trips wasn't always easy. Apart from "I Spy" games etc, we always carried plenty of activities to keep them occupied. I wish I had thought of making them something like my 
when they were little!

 I designed this bright bag for a few reasons. I had only a small piece of this happy button fabric so wanted to make something 'not too big'.

Then I'm concerned about how much 'screen' time children have these days, even in the car! Good old creativity with pencil and paper needs to make a comeback!

So I designed the "Are we there yet?" bag. It has a flap to keep pencils in place, and Velcro to keep it closed. It can be grabbed at a minute's notice and there is something then to keep the children occupied. Or you could just keep it permanently in the car.

Pattern is available in my Store here.

I'm making good progress on my 2020 Block of the Month Wall Quilt. I've now completed six out of the twelve blocks and am very happy with how it is going.

As you can see, there are a lot of references to everyday home life!

Baking ...  and making breakfast!

I showed one of our daughters a draft of this block and her comment was, "Mum, you have to put some toast in the toaster." Of course she was right, as she usually is!, so you can see I took her advice. Those little pieces of toast are now one of my favourite parts of all that I have done so far!

I do hope you too are enjoying some happy stitching.


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Gina E. said...

Your kiddie's bag is cute, and so appropriate to counteract the wretched digital things that children have these days. But you might find that adults will also make one of your bags for themselves. Being a great fan of colouring books, I made a similar pencil/book bag for myself a while ago, and it is great to take with me if I'm going to be sitting somewhere killing time. I laughed at your daughters suggestion about the toast - it really finishes off the toaster, doesn't it!