September 22, 2019

Thinking about Christmas!

I don't want to be a bringer of bad news or 'the startler' for the week, but I did the count to Christmas and it is only 13½ weeks!!!

The cereal some of our family likes was on half price at the supermarket this week, so yes, I bought four packets in readiness for their stay with us at Christmas! The thought of having family around us in a matter of weeks brings great delight and I am enjoying the lovely anticipation of that. I always have said that half the fun of holidays is the anticipation, and that is equally true when it comes to family!

I thought it was time I put some different Christmas patterns in my store. They are projects that I made some time ago, but they have not been available for purchase until now. They are all quick and easy and very inexpensive.

A Christmas Pudding Bauble 
which was a project I taught at a Craft Retreat last year:

Then there are these more elegant 
Door-Knob or Christmas tree ornaments:

And what about a Christmas envelope?
 This is made from a non-traditional Navy and Gold Christmas fabric but would look just as great in your colour of choice. It is a lined fabric envelope with a matching gift tag. It can be used instead of gift wrapping for a money gift, or an "I love you" note. It will even fit a fat quarter inside! The big advantage is that the wrapping becomes a useful gift as it is an ideal pouch to use after Christmas for threads, makeup, glasses etc.

I thought it was time I put some more ready-mades in my Etsy Store
So far I have added three little A7 pocket/purse notebooks. They make a great small gift.

Have a look also at my pouches and one craft pouch I have left. 

I have been working steadily on the 2020 Block of the Month Wall Quilt, so more pictures of that next time.

Happy stitching!


Little Penpen said...

Merry Christmas! LOL That's the first time I've written that this year. I've been thinking about Christmas, too. It'll be here before we know it! Your projects are so cute!

susan said...

Oh, my, that is sneaking up on us! With all the heat here, I've been counting down to fall, which it now officially is in the US, as of 40 minutes ago, and I forgot that Christmas is coming, too! The little ornaments are all so cute. Thanks for the heads up on date and Etsy.