November 17, 2019

Perky Pincushions and Nifty Needle cases

My effort to make some space in my cupboards continues! 

Thank you to those who have supported me in my endeavours and purchased some of my projects! I must be making some progress, because I was able to rearrange things and remove one empty crate out of the room!

Today I have in my store some
  perky and pretty pincushions.  

I did all the work of taking photos, writing descriptions and listing the items in my Etsy Store, only to find when I came to calculate postage, that the pincushions are too fat to fit through our letter gauge!

Unfortunately that means that, even though they only weigh a few grams/ounces, they are regarded as a 5 kg (11 pound) parcel and attract a huge postage cost. That was a trap for young players in selling items online!
However, to compensate for that, I have a special discount if you buy two or three at the one time!

They are my unique, original designs, and personally hand-crafted. 

I love the crochet edge on them. It takes them up a level and out of the ordinary.

Most of them have lovely applique and embroidery.

I fared better when it came to list some 
Nifty needle cases.

They actually fit through the letter gauge and so are in the realm of possibility for postage with free delivery to Australia and only a small cost around the world.

I hope you enjoy looking at all my projects. I really enjoy stitching these small items - they are great for gaining a quick sense of achievement!!!

Happy stitching!

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  1. Love 'em Val... You must own a turbo charged needle... Take care x ( Still loving my "take and go " stitching bag....)


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