November 10, 2019

Finding some cupboard space!

It's our turn to host our family Christmas this year, so with the first family arriving in just five weeks, I thought I better start thinking and planning.

Our guest bedroom is always ready at the drop of a hat, but don't look inside that wall of cupboards! They are filled (that is, overfilled) with hundreds of my projects! I was thinking it would be good to make some hanging space available, but where can I put those projects? All of our other rooms will be filled with family too.

So, yes I have put four Christmas items there. Realistically, it is not going to make a dent in 400 items, but hey, I've made a start! 

 What could be more useful than a special Christmas apron? And if you get it dirty while you are preparing that wonderful Christmas dinner, then just turn it over as it is fully reversible!
The apron measures 18 x 24 inches and features a lovely Christmas tree made from Suffolk Puffs on the pocket.

I do like traditional red and green Christmas colours, but for a change I decided on a modern touch of purple. 

These lovely decorations are embellished with beautiful embroidery and assembled onto the ever-popular hexagon shape.

 Each ornament measures 12 x 13cm (4¾ x 5¼ in), so they are a great size not only for the Christmas tree, but also for hanging from a cupboard or drawer knob.

You can buy these decorations individually or get a big discount if you buy all three ornaments.
Find the ornaments in my shop here.

... and don't forget there's a 10% discount for purchases over $10AU for another couple of weeks.

While I'm in the groove of thinking all things Christmas, I have been quilting a wonderful Christmas panel that I purchased recently.  It's been a 'stop and start' effort in between lots of other things happening, so I will have to get my skates on if it's going to be on the wall for Christmas, which is my plan!

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet????


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  1. Yes I’m in Thanksgiving and Christmas mode too. I’ll bet you have some really beautiful things stashed i your cupboards!


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