October 27, 2019

A popular Zippered Craft Pouch

Today I have another zippered Craft Pouch to show you. This design has proved quite popular as it comfortably holds a 6 inch hoop, plus fabric, threads, pattern etc., so it's perfect for craft-on-the-go, or just a lovely pouch to look after your current project.

It's fully lined and has a cute zipper-pull:

With Christmas coming soon, I still have the 10% off discount in my Etsy Store, so grab a bargain while you can!

I was running short of these notebooks which make such wonderful little 'thank you' gifts, so I decided it was time to make some more:

Are you getting my blue and red theme?

Progress on the 2020 Block of the Month is sailing ahead and I have now reached the three quarter mark. I am really enjoying stitching it and very pleased with how it is looking.

This design is Jelly Roll friendly, with 99% of the appliques being able to be cut out of a 2½ inch strip.

 It celebrates womanhood, home and the joys of domestic life:

I've been thinking this week what a blessing it is to have lovely friends. A delightful couple invited us for a meal, another couple called in to see us, and we were able to catch up with another couple whom we haven't seen for a while. I had been feeling life was a bit mundane and boring as I can't get out of the home much now, but my week was turned around with being able to spend time with people with whom we have so much in common and whom we love dearly. What a wonderful gift family and friends are!

Hope you have your share of joy this week too.


  1. Your designs are always so delightful! This little bag is so sweet. Do you make your own zipper pulls?

  2. I love the zipper pouch with the cute bird. And the new BOM for 2020 looks interesting. I definitely like what I see so far. I'm glad you were blessed recently by friends.

  3. You are so right about having friends! I spent a delightful evening with several at a birthday partly last night, teens included, and it was so much fun. I like all the things you showed on this post, and definitely you are in a red and blue mood, but it looks great! Hard to pick a favorite one. Thanks for the peeks at the 2020 BOM. It's going to be a beauty!


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