November 22, 2020

A design for 2021 ... and it's not a 'block' of the month!

A few weeks ago I told you I had a project for you for 2021. There were no sneak peaks but I did tell you that you could expect applique and embroidery.

Today I have a bit more information for you - It's not a 'block' of the month!!! There is going to be a part of the 'quilt' each month, but it's not going to be the usual quilt block! 

... and another bit of information - NO SEWING MACHINE will be required! 

And one more bit of information - each month's patterns will be complete in themselves, but all the designs will also be part of one project!

Do I have you guessing? The photos will give you some clues. Feel free to comment if you think you can guess what the project will be!

I plan to release the new "XXX of the month" in the second week of January and it will be spread over 11 months, so keep an eye out for more photos in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, have you started sewing anything new for Christmas? My Ding Dong Merrily Christmas Table Runner takes the record for being the most popular pattern I have ever designed! I have never worked out why, but I'm happy that so many people like it!

You can join the gang of fans by purchasing the pattern here:

Or what about a new Christmas decoration? I love a Christmas Dove, symbol of peace, purity and love. It is a reminder of God's great Christmas gift to us - Jesus - the only one who can bring true peace to our hearts - and to the world.

The Christmas Dove pattern is only $AU1.40 if you buy it from my Christmas pattern store:

I am almost getting motivated to do some new Christmas stitching myself.



  1. That's an interesting project!! Looking forward to seeing what it is for sure. Just guessing, maybe an ornament or hot pad???!

  2. Good for you to continue to be designing and creating patterns. Pandemic days can seem endless, and a good reason to do handwork. Your pieces are lovely! So many designers are creating BOMs that it's impossible for a maker to keep up with all that's offered. You're on the right track with your design. And no, I'm not making anything for Christmas, except perhaps for a toy bone for a dog. My family is "over" all the handmade gifts - zipper pouches, totes, table runners, toothbrush cases, hot pads, tissue holders, etc. - that I've made over the years. I've been a creator TOO long and have run out of recipients. :-) Enjoy making!

  3. I love your new design of the month, looking forward to beginning it! Happy holidays to you and yours.

  4. I have a feeling it might be a calendar or pages of a calendar??? Whatever it is, I love it already! Nothing like a bit of slow stitching to soothe the soul. sugary sweet hugs:o)

  5. beautiful designing.looking great.Thanks for the share.
    clipping path

  6. Oh so love these close ups. I’ve made note so I won’t miss what is to come! And lovely stitches.

  7. Just bought the hexies! Looking forward to slowing down. I hope you are well and stay positive.


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