January 10, 2021

Gentle Gems - 2021 Hexies of the Month

You have already heard that I had a monthly project planned for 2021, but it was not a normal "Block of the Month" quilt. That's because it is comprised of HEXAGONS! So let me introduce you to

Gentle Gems
2021 Hexies of the Month Wall Hanging


Gentle Gems:

  • is designed to use up your scraps.
  • has hexagons which require only small pieces of fabric for the backing/borders and appliqués.
  • is portable - no sewing machine required.
  • is full of appliqué and embroidery.
  • has 22 hexagons, so the programme will run from January - November, with two hexagon patterns sent each month.
  • has designs each month which are complete in themselves.
  • can be stitched together to make a wall-hanging or to form whatever shape you choose. 
  • could give you the opportunity to try out a few new embroidery stitches.
  • measures 12¾ in x 33½ in (32 cm x 85 cm) and the individual hexagons are 4½ in x 5¼ in (11.5 cm x 13.5 cm).

I decided to use the word "Gentle" in the title, because it seems to me that in these uncertain times, doing some quiet, soothing stitching as in this project, helps bring a sense of peace and rest. Then, don't you think these sweet hexagons are like "Gems", each one shining like a little jewel?

The 22 hexagon patterns will be available at a cost of just $1.50 each, and I think you will agree that this is a bargain. 
However, if you sign up for the whole design, you will receive MORE THAN 50% OFF, with a cost of just $15 for all 22 hexagon patterns.

Join the 2021 Gentle Gems Hexies of the month full programme at the cost of $15:

Here are the two Hexie patterns for January: 


and Wheelbarrow:

If you wish to purchase the Apple Hexie pattern separately, go here:

If you wish to purchase just the Wheelbarrow Hexie pattern, go here:

Thank you to my kind blog readers who expressed their care for me following last week's post. I really appreciate the love and concern you have shown. Unfortunately, I have not been able to reply by email to everyone as some of you are "No Reply-comment bloggers" which does not allow me to see your email address. I have responded instead to your comment underneath that blog post. Thank you to all who have said they will pray for me - wow, that blows my mind and fills me with hope!



  1. That is just beautiful. I love hand work.
    Just ordered it. Unfortunately I will have to wait
    A few weeks before I can start. Broke my right
    wrist (and left knee cap) on Tuesday.

  2. Val, they are very pretty. I made a heap of them a while back. I must dig them out. I haven't done hand sewing for ages.

  3. I'm excited about doing this. I think it is beautiful! I just can't decide if I want it to be a table runner or a wall hanging like the one you have pictured. I have a while to decide so I'll figure it out by November.

    1. Yes, plenty of time to decide, Kaye!!! I took a while to decide, because originally it was going to be a table runner!!!

  4. Hi I just ordered the gentle gems. I ready to start as soon as I get the pattern.
    Thanks hope all is well.

  5. I just purchased the Gentle Gems 2021 Hexies of the Month. I love your designs and this one especially sings to my heart. I was so sorry to hear about your husband. I cannot imagine how hard that must be. I will turn 65 in March and my husband and I have been together since 1974 and married since 1980. Not as long as you but still long enough to not be able to imagine my life without him. I applaud your courage to take care of him yourself. I'm not sure I am strong enough to be able to do that. My very good friend works in the memory unit of a senior care facility so she works with people with Alzheimer's every day. She is very good at it but it is a struggle. I'm sure you will know when it is time to have your husband looked after by professionals. May you find strength from whatever Divine Power you pray to. I wish you well.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you now have your first two Gentle Gems patterns. Enjoy the stitching!


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