May 29, 2022

Visitors in the Garden

I have always loved gardens and gardening. Our front garden has needed a lot of work and quite a makeover to get it to a stage where I am at the start of being happy with it. That will be an ongoing process as plants hopefully grow and mature. (Pictures another time!)

My patio is where I love to spend time and that area has had a bit of a makeover too in recent days. Birthday money was spent on two lovely potplant stands, some new plants and more hanging baskets. I am somewhat addicted to those baskets with their trailing stems.

Our younger daughter has the green fingers gene as well and on her recent visit she brought me some more succulents to add to my collection.

I'm not the only one who likes my garden. This young butcherbird doesn't seem to have much fear of humans and has come up close a number of times. I was sitting on the next chair this day!

Then this blue-tongue lizard is often around doing his pest-control service. Occasionally he gives me a fright when all I see is the head and I think there's a snake in the garden!

He enjoys just lazing in the sun.

Then there are the Pheasant Coucals who love to visit. Here is one at the back door: As they are a native bird, I don't feed them, but they still like to hang around.

and here's a different one on the patio:

It gives me great joy that, even though our property is quite small, it has enough greenery in it to attract lovely visitors.

And below is a different kind of animal! I made this little door hanging for a friend whose 10 year old daughter is having a birthday soon and she just loves sloths! I hope she likes this one!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the visitors in my garden. Keep an eye out for the June patterns in the 2022 BOM Days of Delight Calendar coming soon!



  1. It all looks absolutely delightful.

  2. Lovely! Awesome to see the birds since they're so different from what we have in OKlahoma! Thank you for posting them!

    1. Glad you like the photos. Best wishes, Val

  3. Your patio is wonderful and I’d love to have one just like it!! I enjoy seeing wildlife that is different than what we see here. I’d sit out there all day to enjoy their visits!!

  4. Oh gosh, Val! Your patio is lovely! Your first picture is so inviting that I just want to snag my handwork and pull up a chair. Cuppa, please? You have the best outdoor space! Of course your plants are beautiful. How can all that pretty green NOT be attractive?! I admire you for learning to live with the critters, as I would be terrified to meet the lizard. I appreciate your assurances that he's one of the good guys. As for the birds, well these are varietals I've never seen. The Pheasant Coucals have me thinking they've just been through a drenching rain. :-) Such interesting-looking creatures. I love seeing pictures of where you live. Please be sure to continue to do this.

  5. I love your garden, Val. The rain has helped this year as we are normally in drought. Hope you are well.

  6. Val, that last comment was mine. I used to be able to comment on blogs without having to type my name and URL but things must have changed with Blogger or perhaps it is because I am using an iPad. 🤔


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