May 8, 2022

When the attention-span is short!

I reckon that Thursday is close enough to the end of the working week to indulge in an old-fashioned ice-cream sundae! That's why I have chosen to feature one in the Thursday mini-quilt on the Days of Delight BOM 2022 Calendar.

I think I must have a fairly short attention-span because I become bored if I am working on the same thing for any length of time. Maybe that is why I enjoy working so many different embroidery stitches in my designs.

Alongside the usual backstitch, stem-stitch, and lazy daisy, the Thursday mini-quilt also features scroll stitch, Palestrina Knot and chain stitch. The cherries are filled in with a close buttonhole stitch and there are a few French Knots added in. 

The cute little number hexagon is filled in with Satin Stitch ...

and the roses on the May mini-quilt are given some body with a cross-stitch filling. 

Did you know that research suggests that because of our addiction to devices and screens, the average adult loses concentration after eight seconds, shorter than a goldfish which has an attention span of nine seconds!!!

I guess if you are a quilter or an embroiderer that you can't really talk of a short attention-span. After all, these projects take a LONG time to work and complete. Having variety, I think, keeps the interest and that's how we can justify having a few projects on the go at a time, or in my case, having lots of different embroidery stitches to enjoy!

I hope those who have joined the 2022 Days of Delight Block of the Month Calendar have fun with all the different stitches this month!

For those who have been kind enough to show interest in my health journey, the rheumatologist has diagnosed me with Sjogren's, a systemic auto-immune disease - (another to add to my Hashimoto's auto-immune disease). There is no cure but there are ways to help control the symptoms. This week my gastro-enterologist will do two more procedures which hopefully will identify the cause of my digestive problems, or confirm if they are part of the disease. It is good to have at least half the picture sorted! 

Thanks for reading this far - you are defying the odds with your attention-span!

Happy stitching.


kathleen roberts said...

I love your ice cream cone. it is cute as it can be. Hugs Kathleen MAary

Val Laird said...

Thanks so much Kathleen.