July 10, 2022

The Delights of Family

Family has always been precious to me, but it seems as I get older, that there is even more delight in having family around. Our daughter and her husband have lived in Japan for 37 years and pre-Covid they would come home regularly to see us and their children who now live in Australia. Covid put an end to such visits for 2½ years, but international flights are now happening, and school holidays have arrived, so at last Annette & Bruce were able to come home to see us.

After the mandatory seven-day isolation, they were able to visit Dad in Aged Care. By this time, daughter Number 2, Janelle, had flown down to join us from the Whitsundays. What a fun week we all had! It was a laugh a minute some days and hubby was happy, engaged, communicative and laughed and smiled along with us. 

With those three family members staying with me, it was time to invite the local ones to join in, so 12 of us were able to enjoy a meal together. The camera snapped continually and we now have many happy memories of a wonderful couple of weeks together.

Granddaughter Ebony stayed a couple of nights with us to catch up with her Mum. She was very happy with the Afghan rug that I had crocheted for her.

The partying wasn't over after they had all left. I then had the joy of celebrating the 1st birthday of one of our great-granddaughters at her party. 

What I made her is below. It's the Match-a-Patch quilt. I hope she will love pulling off the soft shapes and learn to match them with the appliques on the quilt. Her mother is a teacher, so I'm sure Bonnie will be taught well! 

Now all the washing, cleaning, and re-arranging has been done, the house is back together again, and I keep looking at the photos which remind me of the blessings of family. I needed to get back into gear quickly, as it is time to release the July Patterns of the 2022 Days of Delight Calendar BOM.

Saturday has to be a good day to spend at the beach, so the Day Mini-quilt has a beach umbrella and some shells to embroider. (Mind you, it is the middle of Winter in Australia and we have had some very cold, windy days, which are not at all conducive to spending time at the beach!!!)

Some stitchers avoid satin stitch, and it is difficult to work a lovely smooth stitch. In the July panel I have given some instructions for how I like to work satin stitch, working the stitches over a split stitch outline.

This month's patterns have gone out to those who have joined the 2022 BOM. It's never too late to join, so feel free to have a look at the finished project and all the fun bits and pieces over at the Days of Delight Calendar page.

Happy stitching!



Tamara from Canada said...

Thank you and your family for sharing your joy at being together. How wonderful that your husband was able to "be" with you. He looks like he was very glad to see his family. What a coincidence that today our family is celebrating our elder daughter's birthday by having a picnic after church. We will need some shade today. It's supposed to be 29C. Blessings from up here, Tamara

Nanna Chel said...

Hi Val, I did try to comment earlier but it didn't go through as seems to be the case these days unless I am on the PC which I rarely use. I love the photos of your family. How lovely for you and your hubby to see them once again.

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much delight. Regine