August 14, 2022

Fabric and Crochet - perfect harmony!

Many years ago, after seeing the concept in a magazine, I decided to have fun with 5 inch squares of fabric and crochet. Hubby and I were going on holidays, and this was the project that I could do as we travelled or at night without needing great lighting.

In preparation I machined two squares wrong side together, leaving a gap to turn them out. Then it was a matter of closing the gap and blanket-stitching with crochet thread around each square, an easy 'no-brainpower-required' task.

By the end of the holiday I had all the squares blanket-stitched. I chose to work a very simple couple of crochet rows around each square. It needed to be something that I could do automatically without thinking and having to count, suitable for relaxing on holidays. (The bonus that I hadn't realised when I decided what crochet to use was that when the squares were all joined, they ended up with little diamonds between them.) But I jump ahead!

Once I was home again, the squares were put in the drawer (with all the other started projects) and there they sat for quite a while. A couple of years later,  I pulled them out and completed all the crochet edges ... and put them back in the drawer!

There they sat for another length of time, until I finally decided I really should finish this project. I ended up joining the squares by hand after trying other unsatisfactory crochet options. A simple but pretty scallop edging was all it needed to finish it off. And now I have a delightful little summer quilt with the perfect harmony of fabric and crochet.

I actually made it reversible, so I can turn it over till wash day if one side gets soiled!

Days of Delight Calendar 2002 BOM isn't harmony of fabric and crochet, but there's still plenty of design coherence! There is a year's worth of days and months to stitch for your own hand-made perpetual calendar.

Above is the lid of the pretty box that holds all the Day and Month Mini-quilts and the Number hexagons. 

It's never too late to join, so hop over here and see the finished product and details.

Happy stitching!



LJ said...

Sooo pretty. Crocheting always makes me think of my grandma who always had a crochet hook in her hand. I think that may be my favorite crocheted project. Thanks for the share, Val.

Anonymous said...

Sherry of createology: I adore this beautiful summer blanket you have created with fabric and crochet. It is an excellent portable project with a little preparations. So many ideas with all the fabric choices available. Great gift idea. Thank you dear.

Little Penpen said...

Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful!!

Val Laird said...

Thanks so much Penny!