May 14, 2023

Give away and become richer!

 I've been thinking about the quote on the Timeless Truths Block of the Month Wall Quilt May block.

I love that our wonderful God flips everything on its head in His topsy-turvy Kingdom. Who would ever have thought you would become richer by giving away? Now, it may not always be that we become richer in the goods of this world (though I have seen that happen!), nor should that be the reason that we give. Giving of ourselves in time, energy, love, patience, and sharing other things that we call our own, will enrich our lives in ways we could never imagine. God is no man's debtor, and when we give to Him, He will always give back to us way beyond what we deserve or expect.

If you are one of the 2023 BOMers then your May block has been sent off to you. If you wish to join this  project, the cost is a one-off $20 which covers the whole pattern for the year. 

We have had a sudden cold snap where I live, and it is way too cold for Autumn. I automatically want to go into hibernation mode, but the sun is warm if you can keep out of the wind so I enjoy checking on the vegie garden.

I don't know how well the tomatoes will survive the cold, but they seem to be still thriving at the moment:

A few showers of rain recently meant that I have had heaps of lettuce seedlings germinate in the yard. I have visions of last year when lettuce were in very short supply in shops and I was able to keep my friends supplied for months.

This year, the Silverbeet and Spinach have been the best I have ever had. I can usually get a couple of years out of each plant, so it's a winner vegetable for me and there always seems to be some to share with friends:

A friend gave me an Okinawa sweet potato slip to try out. I didn't have much room in the garden and ended up putting it in a tub, so it didn't have a lot of area to produce many tubers. However, I wasn't unhappy with this big one that did grow (tin of tuna for size):

It's quite different in many ways to the usual gold sweet potato that we can buy in the shops:

We live in the subtropics so pawpaws grow well. I really like them and I buy a red-flesh Papaya each week. The seeds go in the compost, which eventually goes in the vegie garden, and more often than not, I have dozens of papaya seedlings germinate in the garden. I always seem to be pulling them out, but I let one of them grow and for the first time ever I am picking my own papayas and they are just perfect:  

My passionfruit vine is loving its sunny spot and producing a lovely crop of fruit:

It's not only turned cold, but we are also having some unseasonable rain, plus lots of wind, so it looks like an indoor week with needle and thread coming up!

Happy stitching,


Susan said...

What a beautiful harvest coming! I like it when things are a little chilly, but not so much the plants don't keep growing and thriving. This month's thought is a good reflection, and I was thinking about the blessings that have come as I've shared and given away. The Lord doesn't let us wallow in need when we are willing to share what's in our hearts, minds and lives. Thank you for a great reminder. <3

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Your garden is so pretty and lush, Val. Unfortunately, we have a lot of red clay and rocks, so things don't do really well in my yard! LOL I guess I'll have to do a raised garden and haul in rich dirt if I want to grow anything. It's wonderful you were able to share your bounty with your neighbors. Groceries are so expensive that is indeed a blessing to many. Thanks for another lovely block. Your May block is gorgeous and SO true. We just can't outgive God! He is the Great Provider and Blesser!! Have a wonderful week, Val.