November 19, 2023

A quilt for a grand-daughter

When I saw Natalie Bird's 'A Letter to My Daughter' quilt a couple of years ago as a Block of the Month in Homespun Magazine, I felt it was something I would enjoy making with its appliqued and embroidered blocks. 

I also saw it as an opportunity to use up lots of my fabric stash and so I set myself the goal of not purchasing any fabric to complete the quilt.

The focus with this quilt was to enjoy the journey. There was absolutely no pressure to finish, or to keep up with the magazine timetable.

It was a project I could pick up and just as quickly put down at whim if some other craft was calling for my attention. 

I enjoyed putting my own spin on the blocks, with my signature outlining of the appliques, or popping in my favourite Palestrina Knot stitch here and there ...

or adding a scalloped edge:

I enjoyed Natalie's words of wisdom to her daughter.

When it came to putting it all together as a quilt I took some poetic licence and just used the pattern as a guide, rather than following it as written.

The quilt ended up big enough to sit on top of a Queen size bed.

Once my grand-daughter announced her engagement, I knew this was the quilt for her.

My wonderful quilter finished it in time for me to give it to her as part of her wedding present.

Now I pray that her home will indeed be filled with love.



Nanna Chel said...

Val, that quilt is just gorgeous. I am sure it will be handed down through the generations.

FlourishingPalms said...

My goodness, this is a lovely quilt, and I appreciate all the beautiful words of wisdom. They're all profound, and worth remembering. Your stitching is absolute perfection, and I have no doubt you loved putting your character into signature stitches and details. What a precious gift for your granddaughter on her wedding day! I am sure she will cherish it. And now, do your hands feel empty without it?

Val said...

That is so beautiful and precious. And such a gentle and unprovokative way of sharing Christian values. I would love to make one for my granddaughters. Thank you so much for your emails,always so encouraging.May God bless you with His special peace and joy and with good health, Val Kemp

Val Laird said...

Thank you Val Kemp for your kind comment. May God bless you too.