April 14, 2024

Time and the Love Language

I'm sure you would all know about Dr Gary Chapman's five love languages, describing ways that we receive and express love. Personally, I find that all five are important to me and it's hard to scale them in importance, but generally quality time probably pips the others at the post. This last month I have been blessed with beautiful expressions of this love language.

Hubby continues to be quite well, happy and content, so I felt free to have a little trip away over Easter, without being anxious about him. Our younger daughter moved into their new home the Saturday before Easter. She works four days a week, and is doing a course of study, so I knew she would be facing a mountain of boxes to unpack and things needing to be done. She assured me I wouldn't be in the way so I booked my train tickets and arrived a couple of days before Easter. Amazingly, she had managed to set up a lovely bedroom for me, complete with ensuite and pictures on the wall!

The sewing machine was out in readiness for my arrival, so the mending, alterations and ironing were at the top of the list while daughter and her hubby were at work. The rest of the weekend, in between wonderful Church services on Friday and Sunday, celebrating Jesus and the blessings of his death and resurrection, I was in my element. We unpacked box after box, sorting, arranging, rearranging, and enjoying hours and hours of just being together! I left happy on the Tuesday morning, with a sense of satisfaction knowing that the main rooms were very functionable, dozens of boxes had been flattened and I had had a lovely time away (even if I came home for a 'holiday'!)

(And a bonus when I arrived back, was that my hoya decided it was decided to burst into flower.)

A few days later it was my birthday. My children know I do not need presents from them, but they all gave me the wonderful gift of quality time on the phone, Facetime, or Skype. One of my lovely daughters-in-law came to visit and celebrate my birthday, bringing one of her legendary cake desserts (and this beautiful orchid!). We chatted for hours after the roast lamb dinner!

Then I was blessed to catch up with a lovely friend who popped in unexpectedly on a rather stressful day. It was so good to spend unhurried time together and talk about our life's happenings.

I've even found some time to do some craft! At the moment, I am making some hot pad trivets. I've had fun finding just the right fabrics, working out what Scripture verse to add and what threads to use. I love being able to use up some small ends of fabric this way - it could become addictive.  

Happy stitching!



FlourishingPalms said...

I can imagine how wonderful it was to be with your daughter and family for Easter! Your visit was a simple one, satisfying to help her accomplish becoming settled, all while spending rich "let's talk" time together. It sounds perfect. As does your return home, flowers, and time with your DIL and a friend. Quality time with those you care about is the best, and I'm so glad you had those opportunities.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Glad to hear your hubby is doing well. What a wonderful Easter holiday, Val. I know your daughter much appreciated your help during your visit and I know you had a wonderful sense of accomplishment in helping her, even if you did need a holiday when you returned! What a lovely gesture from your DIL and so glad you had time with your close friend. God always sends us Earth Angels at just the perfect time! Enjoy your trivet making and have a blessed week!