All packed and ready

I'm all packed and ready to fly off to Queensland tomorrow to teach at the Creative Craft Retreat. The class will be making my Garden Delights Etui and I've been busy choosing all the fabrics for the kits. I hope they like my choices!

The bags are ready and labelled and I will pop the kits in when I arrive at the Retreat Centre:

who organises the Retreat, asked if I would like to donate something for the gift bags - (isn't it exciting when you go to a Craft weekend and are given a bag of goodies on arrival!) - so I came up with a little stitchery that each lady will receive. Here they are all printed ready for packaging.

I made a couple of samples to give the ladies some ideas for using the stitchery. One became the centre of a little cushion cover:

and another one is now a mobile phone pocket on this bag:

As you can tell, I'm excited at the prospect of sharing the weekend with lots of ladies who are also passionate about craft!

Now .... just make sure the airline doesn't lose my suitcase!!!!!

Happy stitching


  1. Hi Mum
    Your samples look great, and can I join your class as those kit bags look very tempting!? Now I just have to tidy up the craft room and make space for you to sleep on Thursday night.. maybe tomorrow's job!

  2. Val, have a lovely weekend....would love to be there but Toowoomba's just a little too far (16 hours away...just a little!!)
    Can only imagine the squeals of delight the ladies are going to have when they open their goody bags! Safe travels
    'o) Wendy B

  3. Hi Janelle's Mum:-)
    I was looking forward to meeting you at the craft retreat, but now I'm looking forward to getting your stitchery in the goodie bag too! Have a safe journey.

  4. That looks like a lot of fun - have a great time! Darling designs.

  5. I wish I was going to to be there!!!!

  6. Any change of getting one of those sweet little patterns you made for the gift bags? Since I live in the US there is no chance of my being there. I can see a nice little needle keeper with that on it. I also wanted to thank you so much for the free BOM on your site. I just found it and plan to get started right away.


  7. Hi Barbara (York)

    Glad you like the designs. Can you e-mail me re the gift bag pattern.



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