Back from a fantastic weekend

What a great weekend we had at the Creative Craft Retreat - 50 happy ladies spending a whole weekend doing craft, lovely meals provided, lots of chatting, plenty of laughs - all in a beautiful setting at Lake Perseverance.

Here are the kits all set up ready for the arrival of the class:

My class of 8 ladies did a great job with their Etui. Here's Delma with her pretty pink choice:

Margaret and Robyn chose autumn tones:

Pat's soft green version is going to be a gift - lucky recipient! :

Here's Jan and Chris working hard ... with Jan's lovely aqua:

And isn't Rosemarie's sweet in blue:

Then there's Jill's pale green one with copper and pink accents. Don't you love the gold daisies?

And Chris's with lots of rich purples and cerise:

They managed to get them either finished or to an "almost finished" state so it was a great accomplishment. Don't you think they have done really well?

Happy stitching!


  1. What a fabulous weekend that must have been.
    I love your design and the different interpretations of it. Your class turned out some lovely work!


  2. Hi Val! The etui pattern is really nice! Could you show a picture of one opened up? Do you plan on having the pattern availabe on you "my patterns" link?

  3. Wow, those look wonderful!!! I love them all!

  4. Oh I love them!! I need one of those!!

  5. What great little projects! 8-)

    I had a quick look through your blog. You've got some lovely items for me to come back and look more closely at!!!

    I just found your blog today, as it is the first time I've seen your "What is Love? BOM" add on someone's blog!!! What a wonderful BOM of stitcheries!!! Would make a lovely wedding wall-quilt for a young couple... Thinking my children in the future... 8-)

    Happy stitchings!!!

  6. No se puede creer lo lindos que son!!!(cannot believe how beauty they are!!)

  7. I love your etui pattern. Would love a copy of the pattern. Is it available?

    Sounds like you had a great time on your retreat...wish you were running them in Sydney NSW (hint! hint!)



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