November 8, 2009

Block 7 - Free Pattern

I'm about to upload the What is Love free pattern, Block 7, to the web ... but more about that in a moment.

First I want to show you what I completed this week. I LOVE embroidering roses and I've really enjoyed the process of producing this design:

The inspiration for the colours came from, of all places, our local discount store!!! The girls there have quite a flair for presentation and one day I walked in and saw this stunning display of raspberry and purple towels. Of course, my first thought was, I have to use those colours together in a design!

Here's some more snippets:

What do you think of the colours?

I've had a number of requests and enquiries about the Etui, so I'll try to answer them all at once. The pattern will be published in the next edition of Creating Country Threads, Vol 10 No 4 Gift-giving issue. Unfortunately they gave me the date of Nov 4th as the publication date, but that turned out to be Vol 10 No 3, so my apologies to those who bought the magazine and did not find the Etui in there! I would expect that the issue will be on the shelves either in the last week of November or the first week in December. For those who are unable to obtain this Australian magazine, I will make the pattern available for purchase.

Here's what the Etui looks like open, with four little pockets and a pin cushion to hold your sewing accessories.


Now, back to the "What is Love?" BOM. This month, it is "Love always perseveres". Hmmm, don't always feel like persevering with someone who just can't get their act together ..... that requires some more work!

This is the second last block in this design. In January there will be a couple more templates to complete the stitching in the design and I plan to give you the pattern for making it up into something other than a quilt or a wall-hanging, but I'm not giving away any secrets yet!

This month we passed a special milestone with the BOM, so I'm planning a give-away to celebrate! Keep watching as I hope to get it organised within the next week!

And finally... here's where you can download the pattern.

Happy stitching!


Béa said...

The roses & colours of the snippets are wonderful, new block too ! Kiss from France

Janelle said...

Hi Mum
Love the colours! I think I know what that project is going to be!

MARYNAN said...

Val, the colour scheme of the Grub Roses is fantastic. I tend to chose these colours all the time. Thanks for Block 7 of your Corinthian love verses!!!!! I really appreciate your sharing!!!

BJ said...

The colors are wonderful together and your roses are fabulous. Will be fun when we see the complete project, but I love your snippets.

Yvonne aka sommeke said...

The colours are perfect! Lovely roses!
Thx for the BOM, I'm looking and looking for some time ....

Barbara said...

Victorian is my thing, I'm a real romantic, this tops everything I have seen, love the colors, the roses are fabulous, can't wait to see the whole project. BarbM

Allie said...

Your roses are absolutely delicious - I've never tried those, but they look wonderful!!!! I'm glad your Etui will be available to purchase. I love it. Thank you for the new block, yes it's a HARD one - sigh.

Barbara in TN said...

Wonderful colors - just love the roses! Thanks so much for the free BOM - can't wait to see the end result. And thank you for the giveaway, too! What a great gift. I love all the spring colors, but would have to say that Christmas & wintertime is my favorite season. It gets dark early here in the US and can sit and stitch more!
Thanks again -
Barbara in TN

Simone said...

Your stitcheries are beautiful. The heart is my favorite. Thank you for the lovely BOM. I start a crazy BOM next year, maybe I can use your BOM for my stitcheries. I'm a beginner.
Kindest regards