November 15, 2009

Giveaway! Celebrating 1000

Yes, it's time for a giveaway!

In the last couple of weeks my "What is Love?" free BOM pattern passed a milestone - 1000 lovely people have decided that they would like to stitch these little blocks.  And that has to be cause for a celebration!

So I've put together a little parcel of goodies for you - five sweet gifts.

1.     There's my Garden Dreams Calendar pattern.  This has been my most popular pattern over the years.  You can have a better look here.

2.      Then there's my Sewing Etui.  You can read about that on my previous blog post. 

3.      I've also included a water bottle carrier so you can carry your 600 ml bottles of water in style. 

4.      Then there's a little felt key ring and ....

5.       So many have commented about the cupcake pincushions, I just had to include one in the prize.*

* Basket not included

To enter:

I am very interested in the relationship between the seasons and colour so I'd love to hear what season you enjoy most and the type of colours you like.  So leave a comment on this blog before midnight (Central Australian time) next Saturday 21st November and I will chose a winner next Sunday!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy stitching


Anonymous said...

Hi Grandma!!!

My Favourate season:
is SPRING! (My birthday is in SPRING! and it so pretty!)

My Favourate colour:
Rainbow colours!!!!! (but really like yellow!)

Love u


Lotta said...

Hi,I love your BOM and I intend to make but haven't started yet.
My favorite season is Christmas.
Favorite colors: Everything bright and colorful. Combine that with black and white and you have what I love the most.
Hope to win in the drawing,
Lotta in Sweden

Janelle said...

Hi Mum,
I guess I may not be eligible for your giveaway (as much as I would love to win it!), but thought I'd comment anyway! My favourite season would have to be spring - nice weather and everything coming to life after the dormancy of winter, ie all the flowers are blooming and baby animals being born. And you know my favourite colour is blue!

Denysem said...

Hi Val
My favorite season is autumn, I love all the colors of that season.
Now my favorite season, is that we are, CHRISTMAS,!
Pink and purple are undoubtedly my favorite colors.
I hope meant to be drawn, because my dream was to make this ETUI.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of your 1,000 who is happily stiching away on your Love BOM.
Fav season? I think Spring. The fresh greens, bright yellows, soft pinks of tulips and roses, tiny purple & white violets and the bright blues of some early Spring bloomers.
Would love to win that basket of goodness!
Trish USA

Yvonne aka sommeke said...

OOooh what a nice give away! Thank you!
My favourite season is autumn, I love the change of the colours in nature.

Martina said...

me too, i love your BOM!And your great give away.I don't now if you would send overseas. Anyway.
My favourite season is summer and I just love the fields with the blue flowers (Kornblume in German), the red poppies and the white daysies all around.

Lynn S said...

Hi Val! Love your patterns and the etui. Thanks for showing the inside view on an earlier entry. I love the Christmas holiday season....redwork time!! Red and white. Candy cane fabric or red and white gingham. You can always add a bit of green to accent..holly green. Congratulations on so many readers!!

Kathy said...

Val, your Love BOM is on my to do list. Thank you for the stitcheries. I would love the chance to win the basket of goodies.

Kathy said...

Gee, I forgot to mention the season. I like Spring. The leaves returning on the trees and all the flowers starting to bloom. As for colors, blue, pink and yellow.

Melinda said...

I like fall with all the beautiful colors of the trees. I grew up in California where there is very little change of seasons and really enjoy seeing the changes.

Jolene said...

Love the BOM! Thanks so much. My favorite season would be summer. We go camping on the weekends and have a wonderful time with family and friends. My favorite colors are red and navy blue.

BJ said...

I love the spring with all the newness that comes on in the gorgeous flowers and the various spring greens, BUT.... I have to admit that Fall is my favorite. My birthday is in the Fall and my color analysis is even Autumn. How fun is that? I'm drawn to chocolate browns, rusts, golden yellows, dark olive greens, purples, deep rose.

Anonymous said...

Ciao! Thanks for your Bom. I like it very much! My preferred season is autumn, with golden and orange, brown and dark green.Hugs from Italy. Piera

Sandy said...

My favorite season is fall and the colors that go with it. I love the deep purples,gold ,magentaand greens ....all of them. Thank you for the BOM.My daughter is getting married next year and I hope to do it for her.

Margie said...

I too am working on your BOM in between making Christmas presents and the other things that are always there to do.

My favorite season I guess would be spring. The site of plants poking their noses thru the dirt is so exciting.

My favorite color is any pastel color. Would love to win you basket of goodies. Thanks

Bev C said...

Val,what a great lot of prizes.A water bottle cover with style I need that. I have two favourite seasons Autumn and Spring which are the best for getting out into the garden. Not to hot and not to cold. I love pink roses so pink would have to be my favourite colour and mint green and musk-the musk lollies are nice to. Happy days to you.

Béa said...

My favorite season is automn and all his colours. But really I love all colours...Big kiss from France & thank for this beautiful giveaway !

Anonymous said...

HI Val, I LOVE your patterns, especially the Garden Dreams calendar! My favorite season is autumn, and all the colors that go with it-browns, golds, rusts, and punkin' colors!!
Janet in USA

Barbara said...

It is so hard to me to chose my favorite season, I just discussed this my my best friend, grin, autumn is awesome with so many beautiful colored leaves, spring is like a promise of eternal life, winter has it's own beauty (though I don't like to be out in the snow and ice, grin) and summer seems to be a time of joy with the children free for the summer and running around, as to colors I am a romantic and love the purples and burgandys from the darkest to the lightest. BarbM

Sue from Cyprus said...

Hi Val

I am also one of those 1,000 who, too, is stitching away with love on your Love BOM.
This will be a gift for my hubby, who is a wonderful husband and father. We all love him so dearly and although we may not tell him everyday how much we love him, this wall hanging will be a gift from the heart. I think he'll get the message, don't you?
Anyway... lost track there for a mo...
Fav. season: Spring. Green grass, colourful flowers, blue skies and sun!
Fav. colours: Blue and yellow.
Thxs for your lovely website.
Love Sue from Cyprus x x

Wendy B said...

OMGoodness!!!.....1000!!!!...that IS a milestone!! Congrats Val (you know it's because your work is so wonderful???!!!!!)
My favourite season is Spring because it's so fresh, everything's growing and it's the season of renewal. (and the temp's one I can tolerate easily without being too hot or too cold! hehe)
My fave colour is blue...the colour of a clear blue sky or cool blue ocean does something to refresh the soul!!!!
sugary hugs 'o)
Wendy B

carol C ( said...

Winter cause it is cool here in Texas and Spring cause it is cool and lots of new things blooming out and the blue skys make it the real Heaven. to me Heaven is here on Earth

Anne said...

Hi Val, My favourite season is any that don't have temperatures above 30*C so that leaves autumn winter and most of spring (usually). I love the freshness of early spring and the bright happy colours - citrus colours and mid tone blues, pinks and purples. I also really like winter and what I call the royal or "magical" colours of purple, teal, crimson, royal blue and gold with perhaps a little orange. I know that's more than one season and colour, but can't restrict myself to just one of each :0).
I am looking forward to doing your stitcheries and lovely things on your give away. Blessings to you.

L. said...


I love FALL! The colors are human could ever have come up with the beautiful color foliage. I also noted that we are competing with your grandchildren. Now...if it were me and yes I'm a grandmother her 50's...a terribly hard decision! I guess I'd have to give 2 prizes! One for the people who LOVE YOU and your wonderful work/talent and also one for her (you know who)!

Love your work!

Sandi said...

Hello, Val, I just found your blog and I love it and really love your BOM. I found out about it because I am having a giveaway on my blog and one of my followers, Denyse (her comment is above), is doing your BOM. I had not seen it before so I had to check it out. I am printing out the pages right now and I will definitely stitch these blocks. This is one of my favorite verses from the Bible. Thank you so much for sharing. Does this make me 1001 who will be stitching your BOM? I will tell you my favorite season in case I am eligible for your drawing. It's fall. I love the colors - red, green, yellow, gold and brown of fall and I love the whole harvest atmosphere. And then from harvest comes the holidays and I love that season, too. :-) If you stop by my blog, you can enter my giveaway. I have an old friend/new friend theme going on. :-)

MARYNAN said...

Hello Val! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. I am a winter person. Even though I dislike the colour orange I love this time of year as all my citrus fruit, 3 mandarins, 2 grapefruit, 2 limes, 2 lemons, and 1 orange become edible. I just love mandarins. I am also a winter colour person. Remember when those colour parties were around years' ago. I remember trying to wear browns, yellows, oranges when I was a teenager in the 60s and I never felt good in these Autumn colours. I love wearing purples, magentas, pinks, definitely no green, well maybe occasionaly a blue/green.

Gladys said...

Hola, Val! Felicitaciones! El diseño del BOM es muy sencillo y bello, a eso se debe seguramente su éxito! Respecto a la estación: AMO EL VERANO!, que trae toda la luz, los colores brillantes o suaves, las flores y todo su arco iris de color y las aves cantan en mi ventana cada mañana! Es como sentir un renacimiento de todo hasta llegar a su mayor potencia! Eso para mí es el verano! Que tenga una gran semana! Muchos BESOTES!!!

Allie said...

Wow Val, you're already given us a beautiful BOM and now you're having a give-away? Oh my! And what a fabulous one it is!!!!!
My favorite season is summer....and my favorite colors are tropical seas, beaches, flowers and palm trees. Especially during the long grey winter at my house!!!

Carin said...

I have a hard time deciding whether I like Fall or Spring more I like them both, I think that the colors I like are from the same seasons I like tans and cranberry and pine green but I also love a nice pink or lavender and a soft yellow and a light sage green.


Sue said...

My favourite season is the Wet (I live in Darwin) - once it starts to rain! With that I love all the beautiful varieties of greens and yellows in the plants, the greys, blacks and whites of the clouds as they roll in, and the many different blues of the sea.

Karens Hopes said...

Spring here in the UK is filled with yellow daffodils and red tulips and delicate orange,yellow and purple crocus. After the darkness of the winter months these beautiful fresh colours make my heart sing.

Di said...

Hi Val,
favourite colour - blue. Favourite season - Winter. Love the cold, the colder the better. Just perfect for snuggling under a quilt, reading or stitching.
I just love the coolness and serenity of the colour blue, and this is reflected in a coll blue winter sky.
Thanks for your inspiration and generosity.

mbroider said...

My favorite season??!! I cannot answer that easily!! I live in a tropical climate. So there is summer and rains. It does get cold from November till January, pleasantly cold. No snow, no below zero temps either!

I love the smell of the earth after the first rains, yes i love that. I prefer to be indoors though, when it rains!! As for colors, pastel colors - baby blue, soft yellow, baby pink are my favorite colors.

Thanks for the contest, Val. And hope i win it:)

angelasweby said...

Hi Val,
I love your blog and your beautiful designs. What lovely gifts you've selected to celebrate your BOM milestone :>)
Your question got me thinking as my tastes and colour preferences have definitely changed over the years. Up until 2005, we had lived in Cyprus for 21 years. I used to adore Spring as Summer was incredibly hot and dry and everything in the surrounding countryside just became very dry, withered and died away, Winter was just mildly cold, flat and grey and Autumn was sandwiched so snugly between the two that, if you blinked, you missed it. But Spring arrived with plump new shoots and buds, tiny little wild anemonies and cyclamen, fields of bright red poppies dancing in gentle breezes and a warm mellow sunshine that had not yet gained the ferocity of the summer months. My favourite colours then were, white, yellows and oranges.
Now we live in England and the seasons are more individual, I have to say, Autumn has moved into first place in my affections. I love the beautiful colours of the English countryside and the soft warm sunshine of an Indian Summer. My personal favourite colour now is definitely pink in all it's range from pale to deep with the vintage shades of lavender and sage green following closely behind.
Thanks for posing this interesting question :>)
Warm wishes Angela

Loralynn said...

I have been loving your BOM!!! My favorite season is Spring. My favorite springtime colors are lavendar, like the lilacs that bloom every year that we have had in the family for generations and softest pink like the peony's that my Grandfather used to grow to dinner plate size!! Oh, how I wish I had some of the knowledge that my Grandfather had in the garden, he was amazing!

Cory said...

This is a wonderful give-away. Thank you for sharing with us. I love your stitcheries and can't wait to get started on them. My favorite season right now is autumn with the changing of the colors of leaves and the cool, crisp nights and the warm days. And, in line with autemn, I love orange and chocolate brown and green right now. I want to make a quilt with those colors in it. Take care and God bless, Cory

marcab77 said...

greetings! my favorite season is 'winter' because our summers in Arizona are so hot and humid, it's always a relief when the cooler weather sets in and we can be outside. i have even been color draped to see what colors look best on me and it's the winter palette -- bold red, blue, green, purple, and any icy or shiny pastel color. Please count me in your giveaway. rita

KAYLEE said...

Hi Val, I fell "IN LOVE" with your "LOVE" blocks, my favourite season is SPRING, it's "just right" here on "The Tweed" Coast - Northern NSW bordering with QLD, before summer arrives. My favourite colours are Reds, Fawns and Greens. Hugs Kaylee

-girl from the bush said...

hi val. im one of the 1000 's , love your we stitcherys. i think spring with all the new plants and animals bursting into life! the clours too so fresh and all new!

Saule said...

Dear Val,

Thank you for the chance to win a giveaway...My favourite season is autumn with its changing colours of leaves and Indian summer...I love all autumn colours: brown, orange, yellow, dark green, etc.

With best wishes,
Saule from Lithuania

Liz Schaffner said...

Hi Val,
My favorite season is definately Chrismtas (even if it techniquely is a holiday but we call it the 5th season :-)
I tend to stick to the traditional colors of deep red, greens & gold with a touch of white for the twinklle of snowflakes.
No funky blacks or puples that are in this year for this girl.
As for the season...Spring was always my favorite (when it isn't raining)...I love the flowers blooming, the trees budding and the birds chirping...the knowledge that summer will soon be here. For me spring colors are ...yellows, fresh greens & pinks.

Liz who is crossing her fingers she wins (along with everyone else..LOL
P.S: Thank you so much for sharing your "What is Love" BOM with us!

Elni said...

You've got a great free BOM and I'm planning to make the blocks and sew them in a bigger quilt.
My favorite season when you speak of colours is autumn, but I like the weather in the spring better :) It's kind of windy here in Holland in the fall. I do like different kind of fabric. I prefer the darker and warmer colours above the brighter ones.
Thanks for sharing your BOM with all of us.

Elni Langeveld
Zwolle, Holland

Jennifer said...

Autumn, definitely autumn......."season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" as the poet said......glorious golds, reds and oranges, leaves falling, cool nights, a wonderfully inspirational time for sewing.

Debbie said...

I love Spring. Here in Oregon its rains so much and is so dark in the winter. I look forward to the cherry blooms. I also love summer blooms as well and all the green leaves on trees. My favorite colors are pastels.I seem to be always drawn to pink and blue but love all the pastel colors. What season do you like?

linny said...

We don't really have distinct seasons here in Brisbane- it's really just wet or dry. So in going in that direction I'm going to say wet(hot) with all the beautiful greens & watery blues.
Your BOM is on my to do list

lynghoej said...

What a great giveaway!!!
I am following your BOM. Really beatiful. My best season is the autumn efter a good long summer. I love sitting with my patchwork and stitchery indoor while the colours outside change to my favorite warm burnt colours.
Jytte R -

Solstitches said...

My favourite season is spring when everything is fresh and new. Blue skies and sunshine.
I love spring flowers - daffodils, crocus and tulips.
Such pretty things in your giveaway. I love that your daughter commented on your blog and hope she is allowed to be included in the draw :)

Quiltan said...

Hi! I am following your Bom and i´m going to make one. Thank you!
As for the season... i think autumn wíth all the couler we have in Sweden and green are my
favourite colour.
Hug, Kristina in Arjeplog, Sweden

Kim said...

I live in the northeastern USA and we have many months or gray....gray skies, gray yards, gray trees, ugly gray dirty snow.....then spring comes and all the fantastic shades of green start....bright fresh greens the transform into
every shade of green you can imagine......then the flowers come. SPRING a promise of new life!

thanks for the chance to win :0)
Happy sewing

Ysabel said...

is the first time I read your blog and it's amazing!!! I am from Peru and I living in USA for almost 5 years and here I can see the seasons, in Peru I use to live in the coast so is tropical weather there, and I enjoy every season here, every change is wonderful.