A little Free Pattern

Do you remember the little stitchery that I produced for the Craft Retreat gift bags? [Read about it here]

I've put it on the web so that you can download it for free. Here it is. There are a couple of ideas there on how you could use it - as a panel in a cushion, mobile phone pocket on a bag .... but all you creative people will have plenty of ideas of your own. I'd love to see a photo of what you do with it.




  1. Hi Mum
    Thanks for the freebie! It is a cute design and I think it would look fabulous incorporated into your "What is Love" BOM. I have just worked out a way to make a simple little wall hanging from them (your BOM stitcheries) with this one in the centre! Mmmm, maybe I'll have to make it sooner than later, but considering I'm behind on all my other BOMs, then it will have to wait!

  2. Oi Val, obrigado pelo belo bloqueio.
    Eu adoro bordados.
    Margot do Brasil

  3. I remember that, and I loved it when you showed it - thank you so much for making it available!!!


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