February 14, 2021

Hexagons and relaxing stitching

It is already half way through February so it is time to show you Hexagons 3 and 4 of the Gentle Gems 2021 Hexies of the Month wall hanging.

I rather like the effect produced by the interlacing on the edge of the butterfly which gives a pretty scallop effect:

Then there's the chicken:

It has a simple chain stitch edging - just a little bit of added dimension:

The patterns for these two Hexies have been sent to all who have joined the 2021 Hexies of the Month programme. It's not too late to join and it's very reasonably priced, so hop over here for all the details.

I mentioned in my 'Clayton's Holiday Post' that I had completed a wall hanging from a design by a talented designer-friend. So here is my version of "A Christmas Story", slightly different arrangement to the original, but still as gorgeous:

It's a sweet design by the lovely Jenny of Elefantz. Do go over and check out her beautiful designs.

My connection to the story began some years ago when I won a fat eighth bundle of Roses de Noel fabric and a copy of the Christmas Story pattern in Jenny's give-away, way back in 2010!

The lovely fabric has sat with the pattern in the drawer for the whole ten years, waiting for the right time to make it! My Clayton's holiday was the perfect time to relax and play.

I added a bullion-stitch scallop edging with some French Knots to the manger quilt. 

Mary's dress needed a little bit of weaving in and out of the chain street edging to highlight it.

It did bring me great joy to be able to relax and do slow stitching on this beautiful, peaceful design and now I have a lovely new wall-hanging for Christmas.

Thank you to those who continue to express their love, concern and prayers for hubby (and for me!). We have been wonderfully blessed in that the Government has now granted hubby the highest level of home care. This started last Monday and means that 5 days a week a carer comes to shower, shave and dress him, he has two social support outings each week, the sweeping, mopping and mowing are taken care of, and a carer comes each week night to help with his eating of the evening meal. It is busy being organised and ready for 13 care sessions each week, but such a help both physically and mentally for me.

Now that we have dealt with the multitude of appointments that happened at the beginning of the year - audiologist, speech pathologist, optometrist, pneumonia injections, dentist, pest inspection and treatment, plus the usual doctor's visits, I am dreaming up a new pattern and can't wait to get started!

God bless you.


  1. Oh Val, what a blessing to have the assistance for your hubby and you! Continued prayers that he will do as well as he can and that you will be able to have some respite time. Caregiving fulltime is not an easy task. Praying for your strength and comfort. I just love that butterfly and wasn't sure about joining this BOM, but you've convinced me! Do you also give instructions for the stitching? One more question...is the applique raw edge or turned? Have a good week, sweet friend.

  2. Those heroes are adorable and I love the Christmas quilt!

  3. Prayers do get answered. So thankful you and hubby are getting the help and care you need and deserve. Such a Blessing. Love your Hexie stitchings and the Christmas scenes from Jenny of Elefantz. Prayers continue dear...


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