November 14, 2021

The End of the Gentle Gems Hexies of the Month Journey

It's November and we have reached the end of the journey with our Gentle Gems Hexies. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these sweet little designs, even if you haven't been stitching them!

I have a small collection of fans and I think they are such a pretty accessory. These days we don't seem to need to use them much, since most buildings are now air-conditioned, but I couldn't resist adding one to our Gentle Gems collection.

Of course it features my favourite Grub Roses made with bullion stitch.

I put together my hexagons as a wall-hanging and for that to work, it was necessary to make a little half hexie at the top.

So here is the half-hexie bow. 

Of course the hexies can be put together in all sorts of ways. You won't believe how many arrangements I tried before I decided on the final one!

The patterns for these final Gentle Gems Hexies have been sent to all who have joined the 2021 Hexies of the Month programme.

The pretty design I am preparing for the 2022 Block of the Month project is almost complete.  The cup and saucer are part of the new design. The plan is to start that BOM in January.

Meanwhile, here are a couple more of my Christmas designs:

I've had a few health issues of late, so for those who pray, I would appreciate your prayer! The round of doctor's appointments, tests, and not feeling very well take their toll after a while, but I know that My Times are in His Hands - there's nowhere else I would want to be!

Happy stitching!


  1. What a beautiful wall hanging!! So many pretty stitches!

  2. Thank you for the peek at the new 2022 program - love the cup and saucer. I can't believe 2022 is almost upon us! That fan hexie is beautiful. I will include you in my prayers and hope doctors sort things out for you quickly!

  3. These hexies just gorgeous. The stitching is wonderful! well done,
    cheers, maggie


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