November 27, 2022

The rhythm and relaxation of crochet

My mother tried a few crafts over the years, but crochet was Number 1 for her. She seemed to always have a crochet hook in her hand and be working on one of her exquisite doilies or tablecloths. 

How blessed I was to be the recipient of so many of her beautiful crochet items. She even made each grand-daughter a tablecloth when they reached 18 years old.

Family members are still using the granny square blankets she made for us. Dozens of beautiful items were given to charities for fund-raising. 

Of course crochet doilies are totally out of fashion now, but I love them and use them. Since I have quite a bit of traditional furniture, they are not out of place in my home. Minimalism is not for me, so I proudly display her amazing handiwork with joy and gratitude and beautiful memories.

The rhythm and relaxation of crochet fills a part of each day for me too now as I sit with hubby in the Aged Care facility. I have made my share of intricate patterns in the past, but it is the time now for simple designs where concentration is minimal. I just enjoy the rhythm of hook and thread without having to think too much of what to do in the row.

A friend asked me would I crochet around some face washers for her and I gladly agreed. That is the perfect project for this stage of my life - only hook and thread required, light to carry, fit in a small bag, easy to pick up and put down, and totally relaxing.

Having finished her washers, I am now making some Christmas decorations which I plan to give to friends. They are quick, easy and look pretty. Free Patterns can be found here:

The older I become, the more I realise how much I am like my mother - I even look like her! It gives me a contented heart to think that in this season of my life, I am following in her steps and enjoying the things she loved so much. 

Next post I will show you more of my 2023 Block of the Month wall quilt, which will be commencing in January. 

Meanwhile, happy stitching!



Unknown said...

Lovely read Val. I too relate to your writings, I very much like my mother, in looks and attitude... she had the wonderful patience to teach me to sew, knit, crochet and all things crafty. I miss her every day but I know she's keeping an eye on me. I underwent bilateral knee reconstruction some years ago before going to W.Africa to live for a while (7years). After her passing and during convalescence of surgery, I dug out her 2 bags of yarn... I put my energy into renewing my strength to make a crocheted rug, its big. I know she would have been so pleased, and it's used daily on my chair as I am quilting and creating... happy days Val, love your reads, stay safe, kind regards Pamela

Little Penpen said...

The doilies and wash cloths are beautiful! I’m sorry your husband is in an Aged Care home. I’m sure your days are very different now. So sweet that you recognize your mother in yourself. ♥️

FlourishingPalms said...

Ahh. I'm feeling nostalgic for my grandma's house, my aunt's house... those lovely ladies who had doilies on the back and arms of chairs, and on tabletops. Can't say my mother did that though. She told me that being raised with old furnishings and bric-a-brac, she didn't care for it - didn't want to dust it. So I grew up in a more minimalist home. It's wonderful that you get to appreciate what you have - that tablecloth over the red skirt is stunning! - and that you too are finding contentment in crocheting. Love those pretty towels that you edged for your friend. And ornaments... to make them hang without drooping, do you need to put a stiffener on them when they're finished?

KatieQ said...

I have many of my mom's crocheted doilies. I use them on my night tables and end tables. I framed 2 of them in IKEA shadow boxes and have them on my dining room wall. It's good to have your hands busy while you're keeping your husband company. The edgings on the wash cloths you made for your friend are lovely.

Val Laird said...

So lovely to hear from you Pamela. I can imagine the pleasure you have from using the rug you crocheted from your mother's yarns. It must bring precious memories to you.

Warm regards

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Your crochet is as beautiful as your embroidery, Val!! My grandmother crocheted as well as quilted and taught me that as well! I have several of her larger pieces and I cherish them. I haven't crocheted in a while but I think I can still remember how!!

Createology said...

Hello Dear Val. I also learned from my Dear Grandma how to crochet. She was always crocheting on several projects at a time. I love your post and agree…simple and sweet is best now. Rhythm and relaxation is what crochet brings to us. Your crochet is lovely and will be cherished for many years ahead. Blessings.

Susan said...

I look like my mother, too. Very much, I watched her embroider when I was young (she did when I was 9), and at 20, I picked embroidery to learn and it's been a great love for me. Even though she died at 45 and I'm about to turn 75, but I like to think that I'm like she would have been. Thank you for sharing your mother's crochet. My aunt taught me that. I don't care if it's out of fashion, I love it, too and look for pieces in antique stores. =) You are fortunate to have so much from your mother. Thanks for a lovely post. Looking forward to seeing the new BOM.