September 13, 2020

More Precious than Jewels BOM Block 9 & Ribbon Embroidery

Spring has sprung in Australia and Autumn has arrived for my northern hemisphere friends. I love the warmer weather, so when September arrives, I am filled with hope and happiness, knowing that the cold weather won't show itself for another 8 or 9 months!

The birds are happy and flourishing and we are watching a couple of nests waiting for their precious young. Meanwhile, the early water birds already have their quaint little babies following them around, making us smile.

So a new month signals a new block in our More Precious than Jewels Block of the Month Quilt.

Block 9

The 'good woman' of the Bible can always face tomorrow with a smile. With the help of her God, she plans ahead and has put away for the 'rainy day'. 

Our BOM'ers have their new Block already, but if you want to join in the fun, you can do so by going to the

Hubby and I only leave home when we really have to and a medical appointment usually means doing four or five things at the same time to make the most of the trip! There was a sense of accomplishment last week getting everything done in one afternoon, and sneaking in a cappuccino and passion-fruit cheesecake was a bonus in between appointments!

Staying at home certainly has its benefits, like being able to spend time on this ribbon embroidery!

It was a kit I received for my birthday and I enjoyed doing something different to what I usually put my hand to.

I have another embroidery almost completed and then the next job will be finalising what I have to offer you next year. It will be quite different to the BOM of 2020, but applique and embroidery will never be far away! That's all the clues you are being told at the moment!

Happy stitching



  1. Another gorgeous block! And your ribbon embroidery piece is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what next year brings!

  2. Val I haven't seen ribbon embroidery being done for ages. It was so popular years ago and I still have ribbon I bought at the time. It is warm here today and I am missing winter already 🙂

  3. I am so behind! I love the happy little blue bird from this block the most. What a wonderful set of blocks these are. Thank you so much!

  4. I just found your blog and had to read several of your older posts! I'm so happy I found you. Your creations are beautiful. :-)

  5. Thanks Linda. I'm so glad you found me!


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