Free Block of the Month Wall Quilt - Block 12

Today marks the end of the 2017 journey with our free Block of the Month wall quilt, 
Hand-picked Wardrobe.

I hope you have enjoyed making the quilt and that it has been helpful in applying the timeless truths of the Bible to your own life.


Block 12 and the finishing instructions are now available in my Craftsy Store here.

Of course, I would love to see photos of your finished quilt!

Christmas preparation and parties are well and truly on us here in the Sunshine State. Our Church had their Christmas party on Friday night. The men cooked up sausages on the BBQ and the meat was accompanied by a lovely variety of salads. Then came the desserts - plenty of decadence and delight and then the decision-making as to which ones to choose. Our ladies sure know how to put on a feast.

I was in charge of the party games. When I was a child, my father was often the organiser of social events and I have great memories of fun nights with everyone joining in some amazing games. These days, people don't seem to organise anything when they have a birthday party - everyone just stands around talking, eating and drinking! Needless to say, I find those events quite intolerable and incredibly boring!

  Hubby and I have hosted quite a few parties in recent years - "O" birthdays, "O" wedding anniversaries and Christmas breakups etc, and we have organised some entertainment at each event ... so we weren't going to have a Church Christmas party without some fun and games!  We had lots of hilarity playing the "Left/Right" Christmas game with gifts circulating around nine tables. I included one of my Christmas tree hangings along with the inevitable chocolates in each parcel.

 Then the tables were competing against each other in a Christmas Carol set of 20 rebus puzzles. There was plenty of rivalry between the tables! Lots of people came and thanked me and told me they had had a lot of fun, so it was worth the time and effort I had to put in!

This week I have to start thinking seriously about Christmas and whether I have enough chairs, and cutlery, crockery etc to feed 26 people on Christmas Day. Also I have to count out the bed sheets to see if I have sufficient for 14 of our lovely family! I'm getting quite excited to think that we will be seeing most of our family in just a couple of weeks!

  It would be totally unrealistic of me to think I will get another blog post written before Christmas, so I will sign off for the year now and wish you many blessings for this wonderful Season. 

Remember, it's all about the baby!  Santa is fun, reindeers are cute, Christmas pudding is delicious, it's nice to receive gifts, but ultimately, 

it's all about the baby!

Happy Christmas