Free stitchery pattern for you

Happy Easter!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and that you have had time to stop and think about the reality of what we celebrate - God's amazing love.

I don't have any chocolate or Easter eggs to give you, but I do have a free stitchery pattern to share!

I have done three samples to show you just a few ways you could use the design. In this little wall-hanging I buttonhole-stitched the smaller flowers and did chain-stitch around the larger ones:

This one made into a needle-book hardly looks the same pattern, does it!:

One of the things I've discovered about redwork is that a simpler look works better.  You can see that I haven't worked any radiating centre lines on the larger flowers.  Instead, I enlarged the centre circle and filled it in with satin stitch:

 I didn't use stranded thread for this stitchery.  I bought some Gutermann thread at a good price last year when a quilting shop was closing down. Only thing is, when I came to use it, I discovered it was thick!  It turned out to be Top Stitch thread, not normal sewing thread.  I tried it on this stitchery and really enjoyed using just the one strand, rather than trying to keep two strands together and smooth:

The third sample I made into a mug rug:

I decided to applique the watering can on this one.  Now that I look at it, I wish I had satin-stitched the handle and filled it in.  Too late now, it's all made up!  

The flowers are backstitched on this sample.  I wanted the red centres to really pop to give this one with its murky colours the lift it needed.  Compare the first sample where the green centres play a secondary role. Isn't it fascinating how colours work?

I hope that has given you some ideas of different ways to work the stitchery.  I'd love to see photos of how you use it.  You can download your free watering can stitchery here.

I managed to complete a couple more things for the fete stall:

With a few things I had in my cupboard, the box of goodies for the fete is now full.  Now it's time to work on some Christmas designs - yes, magazine editors are needing them in the next few weeks!  I've been using a lovely range called Cinnamon Spice, not Christmas fabric but lovely muted Christmas colours which look quite delightful together. It's always fun making new projects!!!

Happy stitching!

Fete fun!

The school that two of our grandsons attend is having a Mothers' day stall next month and then a few weeks later their biennial Fete.  Of course I said "Yes" when I was asked could I make something! The family is coming to visit in a couple of weeks, so I thought it would be a smart idea to get a few things made so they could take them back home with them.

I actually haven't been to a fete for ages, so I'm not sure what the current trend is and what is likely to sell.  The Mothers' Day stall is a place where children can buy a gift for their Mum to give on our Aussie Mothers' Day on the first Sunday of May, so I figured someone might like to buy one of these:

  or maybe this one:

This is my free pattern which you can find here. 

They don't take very long to make, so I made a few!

Another afternoon I whipped up a little tote bag:

The gold fabric is upholstery weight so has a lot of body.  It almost looks and feels like straw, so is really great for a bag.

I love the look of crazy patchwork but haven't ever really done much.  It was time to remedy this! Who can resist a pretty hanging heart?

Definitely want to make more of these. I really enjoyed spending time on some quick projects after spending weeks on my bed runner and cushion. I feel as though I accomplished a lot this week!

Earlier in the week, I designed a little stitchery which I'll be offering as a free pattern shortly.  It too comes together quite quickly, and I want to do two or three to show you some of the possibilities with it.  It might take a back seat for a little time while I keep having my fete fun.  I came up with ten ideas of projects I could make for the stalls so, since I've only used three, I've a way to go yet!

Bring on "instant" - long haul is just not my style!  I'm a finisher and just love having a project completed - especially when I can achieve two or three in a day!



Free BOM - Apples of Gold - Block 3

Block 3 in the free Block of the Month Quilt, "Apples of Gold" is now available.  

Now, that's the sort of reputation I wouldn't mind having - being known for my gracious words!  It's a far cry from reality but I'm working on it! Isn't the Bible clever with its words of wisdom? This one comes from Proverbs 16:21 - so if you want a reputation, have gracious words for everyone!

I outlined the flowers with chain stitch and with the use of some multi-colour thread, I think this has really brought something lovely to these flowers:

You can find Block 3 here.  If you missed any of the other blocks, the links are all available from my free pattern page.  I do hope you enjoy making this block.

I don't seem to have accomplished a huge amount this week.  I did send off a parcel containing three projects to two magazine editors.  Checking instructions, templates and samples all takes time, but it's worth every bit when I see my designs in print!

And yah!, I completed all the quilting on my bed runner, plus the binding.  There are still a few leaves and flowers to finish off:

I've also made the front of a matching cushion - just needs sewing together. I will be very pleased to have this design completed.  I'm not good for the long haul on large projects - I'm a bit of an 'instant' person and like to get things finished QUICKLY! I've been making the flowers and leaves for the runner at night and I was very happy to work on a Christmas bag in the day-time. The bag only took me a couple of days and it is all finished.  It is sweet and pretty, but I'll show you that another time.

I did manage to prepare another pattern from last year and it's now on the website.  I am addicted to making stitching accessories!  My rationale is that why shouldn't we have something beautiful to inspire us while we stitch???!!!  You might remember Strolling through the Garden set:

My favourite part of the set is the tape measure. Making these is quite addictive: 

I also had a trip to the dentist.  It was my annual checkup and I am happy once again to have nothing to be done! The garden also had a little bit of attention this week.  The rain has finally stopped and we were at last able to attack the lawn and trim the edges and the front yard looks all neat and tidy again.

I had a look today at my "To make" notebook and I have seven projects recorded in there; there are heaps more in the "Ideas" notebook and on the table is a half-drawn sketch for a stitchery. I don't think I'll be wondering how I am going to fill my week!

Have a great one yourself.

Brightening up the bathroom

My husband and I like to have visitors for meals usually about once a month.  We find it's such a great way to get to know people better by sharing a couple of hours together around the table.  We have found it's a quick means of establishing lovely friendships when you move into a new area.

Having people to your home will often mean they will need to use the bathroom. My solution to the difficulty of people remembering the instructions "to go through the hallway, turn right and then go straight ahead" is this sign:

The sign is on our Toilet door and I have found it gives people confidence that they can open the door and know that they will be in the right room! 

I still had quite a bit of this lovely fabric left over from my "Consider the Lilies" quilt, so made up another sign for a separate bathroom, plus a soap pouch and a bucket.

You can find the Bella Bathroom set pattern in the latest edition of Patchwork & Stitching magazine, Vol 14, No 1:

 It's an inexpensive way to put some colour in the bathroom:

For quite a few weeks, I have been working on a Bed Runner.  It has turned out a very big project - much bigger than it was originally going to be!  The piecing was done very quickly, but then I decided to make some three-dimensional flowers for it.  It seems to take me a night to get one completed and that doesn't count actually attaching them, and there are seven to make!  I'm on the homeward straight with five finished and only two to go ... unless I decide to make another one for a matching cushion!  Then each flower has four needle-turn applique leaves, not my usual applique method, so I'm slow at that too.

Then there is the quilting!  Anyone who knows me even just a little bit, knows that machine quilting and I are not the best of friends.  I do as little as I possibly can get away with on my projects.  But this Bed Runner needs it.  Lots of it!  My plan of action has been to do a small amount each day, rather than tackling it all in one go.  I decided I could cope with it in small doses and the results might be better if I adopt a slow approach! So far, this plan of attack seems to be producing better results than I usually obtain:

I've done mostly geometric quilting so far, but next week I tackle the free motion lot - my biggest challenge!

In between working on the bed runner, I've managed to get some more of my 2012 patterns prepared for the website.

If you love simple silk-ribbon embroidery, you can find this embroidered fan pattern, Fan-ciful on my wall-hanging page.

Les Macarons is on the same page.
I love the colours in this little project:

Lilac Love sewing set has a number of different techniques, combining felt and fabric, inset applique, embroidery, twisted cord and tassel.  You can find it here:

After working on my bed-runner so much, I'm hankering after some 'real' needle and thread work so I hope to get some embroidery done on a Christmas project this week.

Till next time,
Happy stitching!


We have a winner!

Thanks to all those who joined in my Giveaway.  I read all your comments with delight.  Thank you for all the lovely things you said about my work - I was so encouraged by them all.

The winner that Mr chose is Susan.  Congratulations, Susan.  I do hope you enjoy your prize.

I had a strange week!  I had a lot of things on my mind and didn't sleep very well all week.  Maybe that was the cause of my strange lack of motivation: I was happier sitting in front of a computer than in front of the sewing machine!!!!  When I was still doing this after three days, I decided to twist my arm to get out of the chair, to pull the rotary cutter out of the drawer, to put pencil to paper, and to actually think about fabric!

Sitting in front of the computer wasn't all unproductive.  I prepared four of my 2012 designs to put on the website, so patterns are now available for:

When I finally got out of my computer chair, I started (and completed!) two commissions that I had. One was for a male project:

and the other a cushion:

Of course I enjoyed stitching them once they were all drawn up, cut out and ready for the needle and thread.  While I was "out of the chair" I also drew up another design.  I just needed to find my "up and go" which had "got up and gone"!

A big parcel of gorgeous fabric arrived this week.  I now DEFINITELY have enough to last me the rest of the year!  I have told myself I am not even allowed to look any more! Now the challenge is to design projects that are suitable for them all.

Happy stitching!